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perfect gift for girls

Love Unwrapped: What Your Gift May Say About Your Personality

Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

perfect gift for girlsAnniversaries.

This is the time when you express yourself not only in words and actions, but also through gifts. Picking out a gift can be both exciting and overwhelming. Experts say that the more the relationship matters, the more people become stressed over searching for the perfect one.

But, whatever your gift is, it needs careful thought because what you decide to give can tell something about you. Read on to find out what’s the hidden meaning behind gifts.

Personalised Jewellery

Since jewelleries are often pricey, most people only give them when they’re in serious relationships. That doesn’t mean, though, that an affordable gift has a lower value than a costly one. Giving your loved one something sparkly will have them thinking that you care for them. Jewellery expert Robert H Parker & Sons notes that a customised ring, necklace or necklace shows your generosity. The person who will receive your gift will think you are thoughtful and attentive.

Repeat Gift

Giving your loved one the same thing you gave to your friends and relatives sends a message that you’re fair and organised. Choosing something similar for everyone, say a cookbook or a bouquet of flowers, allows you to be consistent. You can make the gift-giving process special yet stress-free. Repeat gifts are functional and usable, so it’s not a bad idea. After all, it’s the thought that really counts.

Weekend Trips

This is a great gift if you want to show appreciation with a personal touch. Giving your time is one of the simplest yet most memorable presents you can give. Instead of buying a material gift, why not make it more personal. Whether it’s a week long tour to a secluded beach or a quick weekend staycation, give your loved one an exciting shared experience. Spending time together with your significant other shows that you value a solid relationship.

No matter what kind of gift you choose, it is always the thought that counts. Keep in mind that it has the power to send all kinds of messages, so make sure you choose one that will best represent your affections towards the recipient.

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office design

How Office Design Impacts Employee Productivity

Published on September 15th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

office designProviding a positive atmosphere for your employees can reduce stress and increase productivity. While the relationship between co-workers is a significant factor, a huge part depends on the office design.

By ensuring that the working environment is beautiful and well maintained, your employees will be satisfied and more motivated. Furthermore, a well-designed office inspires a professional impression with your guests and clients.

How Does Office Design Affect Employees Performance?

The office is more than just a place to work. Today, most people devote more time at their workplace than their home. Most companies require employees to put their well-being at the heart of the business strategy, which is why it is important to keep the working space comfortable.

The surroundings have an impact on the mood in dramatic ways. It can change the way a person thinks, works and behave. The interior design such as the colour of the wall, arrangement of tables and chairs, space and lighting has a major effect on performance, positivity and even staff retention. As an employer, ask yourself “How does my office space affect employee performance?” Office fit out companies Perth businesses trust may provide some assistance in this regard, as well.

What Needs Redesigning?

The important factors influencing workplace productivity are lighting, space, and furniture. So how can you improve it?

Lighting – According to a study, natural light increases productivity, energy and creativity. If there are fewer spots for windows and skylights, use brighter lights to create a more cheerful mood.

Space – Make sure your employees have enough space to move. It is uncomfortable to work when everyone is too close. This provides protection and comfort.

Furniture – Make sure that the furniture in your office is all in good quality to improve staff satisfaction. Uncomfortable chairs or desk makes employees feel undervalued.

Successful companies always prioritise the need of their employees. They know how to take care of people who help the business grow.

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aerial yoga

Besides Bending and Stretching: How Yogis Should Behave

Published on September 11th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

aerial yogaSeeing yogis bend, stretch or even fly mindfully may give you an impression that these people take their avocation seriously, which creates a peaceful atmosphere. The peace that emanates from the people in the yoga room makes you think there is hardly a set of faux pas that will disrupt the class.

This, however, is not always the case. There are yoga classes where students cause major disruptions no matter how petty their disturbances are. To not be one of those students, here are some social protocols you need to keep in mind before getting on that mat or aerial yoga hammock:

Do Your Best Not to Be Late

Remember that a yoga class is still a class. There’s no such thing as “fashionably late” or whatnot when it comes to classes. When you’re late for your session, you run the risk of disrupting the whole class. The worst part is when you disturb a classmate who’s been perfecting a difficult pose.

Mind Your Attire

Just because yoga classes are not that strict when it comes to attire doesn’t mean you can wear anything you want. Don’t overdress, as you will sweat a lot. The inconvenience will only interfere with your concentration. Similarly, don’t underdress to avoid wardrobe malfunctions that will make you end up as the class’ laughingstock.

Restrain Yourself from Talking

Inhibit yourself from cursing under your breath if you don’t get to execute that pose. Remember, it’s all about concentration. It’s an unwritten protocol not to speak with your fellow yogi, unless you want him to break his neck. More importantly, don’t laugh if you get stuck in a pose or if a newbie finds it difficult to do a basic pose.

Keep Your Gizmos Away

The last thing your fellow yogis would want to hear is that funny ringtone of your phone. They wouldn’t want to see you taking a selfie while you’re doing a dangerous pose. Keep your gizmos in your locker. If you don’t have a locker, set your phone in silent mode. Forget selfies and leave your tablet or camera at home.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when attending a yoga class. Follow them by heart and encourage your classmates to do the same.

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comfortable bed

Tuck Your Kids into Bed – On a Carefully Chosen Mattress

Published on September 11th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

comfortable bedChoosing the right mattress is important for growing children. As their bones are still developing, kids’ mattresses must have the proper support to keep them away from spine problems later on.

A nice mattress also helps promote quality sleep, which enhances growth. With proper sleep, your kids can focus more on school and allow them to cultivate memory, enthusiasm, and learning. When looking for the right kind of mattress Salt Lake City, you may want to remember these tips:

Take your kids’ age and body size in mind

Different children need different mattress measurements. As younger children like being in one room together, then do consider twin mattresses for them. Older children, on the other hand, may prefer full-sized beds they can call their own. Others who don’t have the luxury of space and stylish bedroom fixtures may also be wise in considering king-sized beds to share among themselves. While working on your dimensions, though, do the full math and determine exactly how much you are willing to spend.

Check the material

The most common pro-support kids’ beds involve an inner-spring coil for the mattress. This gives proper support while cushioning their frail and still-developing bodies. There is also the memory foam and the latex foam, both of which serve the same purpose while conforming to the body. These are very conducive to a good night’s sleep. You may also think about choosing air mattresses, as these are adjustable and easy to set and carry around.

Prioritize quality and durability

Children are naturally rough and playful with their belongings. They also love jumping on beds, imagining that these are magical landscapes for their fairytale role plays. A firm, durable mattress will be best for your young children. Also, remember to invest in a mattress cover to protect it from all kinds of stains.

Special considerations include allergies, for which you must choose the hypoallergenic and anti-microbial types resistant to dust mites and other allergens. With the right mattress, your kids are sure enjoy a good night’s sleep and a back pain-free childhood.

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chinese foods

Must-Try Chinese Dishes

Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

chinese foodsIf you poll a group of food enthusiasts for their favourite Chinese delicacy, you might get different answers from each one. With so many delectable options on the menu, it’s easy to understand why everyone has their own personal choice.

To make your next trip to Chinese restaurants like worth it, here is a list of must-try Chinese dishes. Enjoy!

1. Peking Duck

Now considered as one of China’s National food, many people around the world are craving for the eloquent and stunning presentation. It is popular for its thin, crispy skin, and its delectable and aromatic meat. Many restaurants make this dish the highlight of their menu.

2. Dumplings

Of course, almost everyone in the world has tried this popular Chinese’s specialty: thin skin, soft stuffing and unique shapes. Some of the stuffing choices include beef, pork, carrots, onions, and cabbage. One of the most common “cultural” dumplings is the quin caijio, which means “hard work and more wealth.” This dumpling is stuffed with celery and best matched with soy sauce and chilli powder.

3. Spicy Tofu

Spicy Tofu or mapodougu is one of the popular dishes from Sichuan cuisine. It features that tongue-numbing nature of Sichuan’s strong and aromatic hot spices.

4. Egg fried rice

This dish originally came from China’s ancient western regions, and has now become part of people’s daily cuisine. First thing you will notice about this dish is the strong aromatic smell. Often served with soft textures and very enticing presentation, it will surely whet your appetite. Today, there are many varieties of egg fried rice in restaurants and night markets.

5. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are appetizers, served either fresh or fried. This is a popular dish among Chinese locals, especially during Spring Festival (hence the name). It bears very auspicious meaning as it resembles gold bars and people often link them with ideas of good luck. And of course, they are quite delicious.

There are many more popular Chinese dishes that can surely satisfy your cravings. Truly, Asian delicacies are one of the best—from exotic street food to main local cuisine, there is always something to look forward to.

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Evaluating the 4 Cs of a Diamond Before You Buy

Published on September 8th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

diamondProposing to the love of your life is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in life. You need to make sure you get the right ring to please her and get the answer you’ve always wanted to hear.

The expert jewelers at offer their expertise regarding the 4 Cs you need to know about diamonds to make a better decision:


Jewelers and enthusiasts consider this as the diamond’s most important feature. Cut is what gives a diamond its sparkle, fire, and liveliness. Don’t settle for the first thing you see at the store. Find a diamond with an excellent cut to get the most bang for your buck.


The color of a diamond is graded from D to Z. D is the best, meaning the diamond is completely colorless. The lower its rating on the scale means is brownish or yellowish and has more imperfections. The first few highest grades are very close together.


Clarity refers to tiny flaws and the number of tiny white or black specks in the diamond. The most expensive grade is FL (Flawless), followed by IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2 and I1. The diamond’s clarity doesn’t affect its sparkle, so there’s really no need to look for a higher clarity grade if you’re on a budget. In fact, you can only see the different of IF and SI1 stones through a magnifier.


The carat refers to the diamond’s weight. More carats mean bigger and more expensive rocks. The price increases at each whole number, so you can save a lot by buying a 0.95 carat diamond compared to a 1 carat diamond. In general, this is an area where you can splurge a little. The love of your life might say that size does not matter, but the truth is that it really does.

Cut, clarity, color, and carat are the four factors that determine the worth of a diamond. Determine which factors you should prioritize based on what you’ve learned to make sure you’re prepared for popping the big question.

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living room

3 Secrets to Turning Your Vacant Lot into a Staycation Spot

Published on September 6th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

living roomLong daily commutes, annoying co-workers, and conflict with loved ones.

Just thinking about it will immediately make you crave for a break. Everyone needs an alone time at some point. If you vaguely remember the last time you went for a vacation, consider giving yourself a time to de-stress.

Now that you’ve been planning where to go, you suddenly noticed your vacant lot. Going to a secluded beach is not your only vacation option. Why not turn that empty space into the best staycation spot? With a few touches, you can achieve a fun and relaxing vacation a few metres away from your home.

Have an extra living room

Turn your vacant lot into a go-to destination where you can forget the stress of daily grind. The best way to achieve it, according to home expert Gran Designs WA, is to build a well-designed modular home. If you want to enjoy a movie-theatre experience, seeking the help of experts is necessary. You can achieve that amazing vacation vibe you’ve been wanting for months.

Add a hot tub

It’s probably difficult to enjoy when your vacant lot looks empty and arid. Vacation is all about fun and relaxation, which is why having a hot tub is a great idea. Whether old or young, everybody will surely love it. Don’t forget to measure the area and include space for plants and decking. You can add some shrubs, trees, and tall flowers near your hot tub for added privacy and beauty.

Build a mini bar

Enjoying tequila and scrumptious meals do not have to be only in restaurants. You can add luxury to your planned outdoor oasis. For a successful staycation, all you have to do is plan for fun. If you love eating and drinking outdoors, then a mini bar is a great option. You can also place a hammock near it, so you can enjoy reading a book or listening to great music. Imagine the cool, fresh air of outdoors calling you.

Your dull, vacant lot can be a welcoming extension of your home. With smart budgeting and thorough planning, you can have a place to enjoy family time or invite guests for a barbie.

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good laptop

Computers Can See: The Growing Technology of Visual Search

Published on September 4th, 2014 | by Denise Smith

good laptopComputers are starting to develop their own senses – and the experts are starting with the sense of sight. This all began with the simple face recognition feature in cameras, but the tech world has other things in store for the public.

So far, the focus is on visual search – and companies continue to race in developing this ground-breaking function.

Naming the developments

One of the main developments in visual search is the Google Goggles. This is one of the pioneering ventures toward visual search. Through this, you can easily snap a photo of something and the search engine will do its best to find information regarding the photograph’s contents.

Amazon is also experimenting with visual search. As a matter of fact, the retail giant included visual search as a key feature in one of its smartphones. Many other smaller image-recognition start-ups continue to research on this matter as well.

Explaining the technology

What makes this seemingly futuristic technology possible is another discussion. After all, the science behind visual search can get complicated. Images need more processing power than plain text, which means the technology needs more complex search algorithms.

One algorithm companies focus on today is object recognition. There are two notable techniques used in this: edge detection and scale invariant feature transform.

Edge detection depends on the lighting changes in a particular image. Through edge detection, the computer gets an idea about the object’s shape and colour, thus making it possible to construct a search algorithm out of it.

The second technique directs the computer to extract a set of reference images from a certain object. The algorithm, then, uses these images to tell whether or not the search has a match in the database. This makes it possible to look for video files like, say, AE templates or stock footage through the use of still images.

Object recognition, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. So far, companies continue to explore the role of GPS and geo-tagging in terms of filtering the results for a particular image search. This goes on top of the usual side-by-side run of text search and image search.

There’s a high chance that visual search would become central in helping search engines and e-commerce sites provide more relevant results to their users. Sure, the technology may still be in its infancy; but with the pace of development in the tech world, who knows what the next decade or so holds?

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leather sofa

Things that May Damage Your Leather Furniture

Published on September 4th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

leather sofaYou know that leather furnishings may be pricey, but they are always worth it. Their elegance can make any space look lavish and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, they can stand the test of time—this is perhaps the biggest trait that makes them a wise investment. You need to keep in mind, however, that just because leather furniture is durable doesn’t mean it is not prone to certain deformities.

A lot of things and activities can speed up the aging process of your leather furniture. So, you should know them before you even buy leather sofas and other pieces for sale. Read on to find out what can deform and destroy a leather furnishing.

Shoe Polish

You may think the cleaner you use on your leather shoes is also applicable for leather furniture. But, this is actually a dangerous idea. Leather shoes have undergone a different process, as the leather shoemakers use can easily absorb shoe polish. The leather used on furniture, on the other hand, doesn’t have that soaking ability. It will just leave stains on the sitter’s trousers. The shoe cleaner may contain some harsh chemicals that may cause peeling and cracking.

Window Cleaners

Window cleaners may contain alcohol and other harsh solvents that can destroy the leather surface. You should also avoid other seemingly harmless cleaners, such as detergents and bleach, when removing stubborn stains. Otherwise, you will only end up causing irreversible damages.


Never place your leather furnishings under the sunlight. It will only bleach your leather, turning rich colours into an ugly fade. The sunlight may also cause peeling and cracking. This is why it’s not advisable to use leather furniture in patios and outdoor spaces.


You may think twice about getting leather furniture if you have pets around. The claws of your pooches and feline friend can scratch the leather, which in turn, leads to complicated and pricey repairs.

Leather furniture is a good investment for your home, but there are some things you need to watch out for to make it last a long time. Other than buying quality leather furnishings, make sure you have someone who can provide reliable upkeep services.

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online learning

The Perks of Studying Online

Published on September 2nd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

online learningOnline interaction can be more effective rather than face-to-face learning when it comes to education. A meta-analysis proved that students online perform better compared to those taking the same course in a classroom.

Renowned Arabic institution Dar al Hamd noted that studying online has many benefits, one of which is flexibility. It allows enthusiastic seekers of knowledge to learn anywhere in the world, depending on the student’s schedule.

Effectiveness of e-Learning

Online learning involves instructional methods conveyed using the computer and the Internet. It is designed to build knowledge and skills. Online learning is 11 percent more effective than classroom training. It has been proven more effective because tutors online can take on unique methods to interest their students. E-learning does not merely use Power Point and audio-visual lectures.

The communication between the student and teacher online is better compared to face-to-face interaction, as well. Students find it less intimidating to ask and express themselves. They feel more comfortable in an online stetting today.

Technology based learning will be adopted by many in the long run. Advancements in the use of technological tools allow learning content to become more dynamic than ever. Learning has shifted from something that is done at a specific time and place, for a limited number of people to a source that is accessible virtually anytime, anywhere and by everyone.

Age is one of the greatest factors why online teaching is effective. People who like to go back to school prefer to study online to avoid critics about their age. Regardless of your age, online teachers will accommodate you and adjust for you.

Technology has changed the world from teaching in the four corners of the school to online platforms and even social networking sites. More people are leaning towards online learning to fulfill their dreams while accomplishing other goals at the same time.

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