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wedding anniversary

Souvenirs To “Wow” and “Aww”

Published on October 13th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

wedding anniversaryWhen it comes to milestones in the family like the 50th wedding anniversary of the parents or the 80th birthday of a beloved grandparent, it is best to celebrate the occasion in a big way. These grand celebrations usually come with special souvenirs.

There are plenty of souvenirs available, but as it’s a celebration of a highlight of one’s life, it is only good sense to hand out something memorable. Even better if the souvenir is custom-made. Some ideas include:

Coins to Last a Lifetime

One of the best gifts for this kind of occasion is personalized coins. These are special commemorative coins such as those from decorated with images and even photographs. Some people put the profile of their beloved celebrants on the coins. Personalized coins have a very long lifespan, making it ideal for diamond anniversaries or birthdays.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Food and Drink

Another perfect souvenir, though consumable, are custom-made chocolates with the celebrants monogrammed initials. Unlike the coins, they are not for keeping, but definitely fun. Chocolate is appropriate for every age and occasion.

A bottle of vintage or expensive wine is also a good idea. Some families, even ask winemakers to seal the bottle with a customized emblem. Not only is this very much appropriate for a milestone event, vintage wines are also one of the top gifts that anyone would love to receive.

Flowers for All Occasions

For people who want to keep it simple and classy, a nicely arranged bouquet will do. Perhaps to make it more personal, one could include the celebrant’s favourite flowers, be it hydrangeas or orchids. Some even have nice little bonsais for the guests, something that they can bring home and take care of.

Ultimately, choosing a souvenir should always keep in mind the celebrant. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that people are there specifically to thank and celebrate the person who has made such a big difference in their lives.

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3 Spa-scinating Facts about Spas You Should Know

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

spaYou may have seen ads for spas before, but never really gave them much thought. Bathing in warm springs is not exactly a new idea, but it is one that has seen resurgence in popularity. If you are still wondering why spas are popular now, it is time to give yourself a well-deserved break.

With its relaxing benefits, it is not hard to see why many young professionals in the UK are choosing to go to spas rather than take part in other recreational activities. Modern living has become more stressful and exhausting, and going to the spa is a great way to deal with the stress of daily life.

Here are some things about spas you should know to appreciate your next dip better:

Historic Spas

In the UK, people go to Bath for relaxing spa breaks. This is because the natural thermal spas found in this area are considered the warmest geothermal springs in the country. Back during the time of the Romans, Bath was a prominent relaxing spot for many. The spas earned their place in the roster of World Heritage Sites in 1987.

Health Benefits

Spa treatments have always been linked to improvement in health conditions. But, it is still best to pair it with other therapeutic means to get the most benefits. For instance, when paired with massage therapy, it can aid in reducing blood pressure and improving circulation.

Expecting Mothers

Water therapies, especially if done in a spa, can be beneficial for expectant mothers. Note, however, that not all spa treatments are advisable, especially if it involves raising the core temperature. Fortunately, there are spa centres that offer safe custom therapies catering to the needs of pregnant women.

Whether or not spa treatments have therapeutic benefits or not, simply enjoying the warm water is a good enough reward for some. Instead of releasing all your work stress in pubs, try the spas and discover the huge difference.

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Australia’s Ageing Population: What it Means for the Housing Industry

Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

housingThe world is ageing at an unprecedented rate. In some places, birth rates are declining and people are living longer. This ageing effect is more prominent in wealthier, more developed countries such as Australia, where these two factors—fewer births and longer lives—happen most dramatically.

Despite a lot of chatter about an impending housing bubble in Australia, home prices have been relatively stable and flat over the past years since the financial crisis back in 2007. The average price of a house in the country’s capital cities are still within the projected figures relative to inflation, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics house price index.

Home Buying and an Ageing Population

According to a study, the ageing population will cause house prices to be lower than normal (or more accurately, lower than what they otherwise would be). The study estimates the price drop to be somewhere between 3% and 25% over the next 30 years or so.

Two factors will primarily affect this price drop: First, the declining number of 35 to 59 year olds who are the biggest property purchasers in the country; Second, the trend that older people are trading down to release housing equity, which in turn, supports their retirement.

Better Options for Homebuyers

On one aspect, the ageing population of Australia means that there will be more and better options for homebuyers, both the elderly and the younger generation. Many cities in the country are recognised as some of the world’s most liveable cities because these places rank high in stability, culture and environment, infrastructure, healthcare, and education, among others.

According to experts at The Hunt Club, a premier real estate development in suburban Melbourne, things like a thriving suburb, an active community, and the flexibility for buyers to create their dream lifestyle are all luring people to buy, especially for the elderly who are preparing for retirement.

One thing the younger generations can learn from this ageing population is that it is never too early to start preparing for the future. If you want to enjoy your retirement years, a house you can call your own and some money to spend are definitely must-haves.

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Black Thumb to Green Thumb: 4 Plants that Thrive No Matter What

Published on October 6th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

gardenAs a gardener, sometimes you face many challenges: plants that do not bloom, flowers that die from frost, and droughts that wipe out entire beds.

If gardening has its fair share of problems, why does your neighbour’s garden boom with colour and flowers, while yours look so brown, crispy, and lifeless?

The fact is that some flowers are only easier to grow and maintain than others, and your neighbour probably knows that already. Here are some of the great flowering plants that can make your garden colourful no matter what:

  1. Daylily

Daylilies are almost indestructible. They flower their heads off in almost any sunny spot, and they tolerate flooding, drought, and salt. These pretty blooms come in almost every shade and shape; their distinctive trumpets may be circular, triangular, spidery, or star-shaped. These plants also attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

  1. Sedum

Put sedums on top of your shopping list if you want a perennial that requires almost no care. Like daylilies, sedums do not give out to heat, winter cold, drought, and even insects.

Take a close look and you will see this plant’s star-shaped blooms. You can grow a sedum as ground cover; they also make good border plants.

  1. Coneflower

Once found in the wild on the American prairie, coneflowers are now one of the most widely grown flowers in the world. This extremely rugged prairie plant come in almost any colour of the rainbow, as well as some bold, electric hues.

Coneflowers can bloom all summer if you deadhead them. Remove the dead and dying blossoms using the right tools. As long as you find gardening accessories online from shops like to deadhead the flowers, those plants can pretty much take care of themselves.

  1. Hosta

Homeowners who like variety can never go wrong with hostas. This plant is easy to grow and extremely low maintenance. This shade dweller come in hundreds of different colours, shapes, and sizes, including giants that grow up to four feet tall, and dwarves that are only four inches long.

Although spending time in the garden is a rewarding pastime, not everyone has as much time as others to take care of demanding flowers. Fortunately, these flowering plants are very easy to maintain and will produce vibrant blooms with minimal care and attention.

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plant hire

Importance of Plant Hire Insurance

Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

plant hireLife is full of uncertainties, yielding both positive and negative outcomes. If your safety is in line, though, never leave it to fate. You never know when dangers will strike, which is why it is important to be insured. This comes in many forms, serving many aspects of an individual or company.

Most people see the use of insurance solely for the safety and security of a person, but this can also be used for inorganic materials like building structures and machines. For the plant hire Brisbane companies employ, insurance is a must, as plant machineries and tools are prone to damage and loss.

Eliminates Potential Risks

Utilising numerous quantities of equipment is common in every construction project. Work becomes faster and more efficient when businesses employ these machines and tools when carrying out the job. For companies that do not usually use plantation equipment, hiring can be the better option.

Whether you hire or lend machines and tools, it is necessary to include an insurance cover in the contract to provide protection against any form of high level risks. This helps safeguard the business of both the lender and the renter from complicated situations. Even if you own the equipment, experts deem it wise to get insurance as well for potential equipment malfunction.

The Responsibility of Cost Damages

If you lend your plant equipment, insurances prevent renters from returning it with damage or not returning it at all. These machines are valuable that is why taking all means of protection is vital. Insurance takes the responsibility of the damages off your shoulders.

Plantations blatantly depict the hazards for both people and equipment. Being prepared, though, can prevent subsequent losses from occurring. Protect your plant assets by getting insurance. You can never be too sure with your own safety, which is why being prepared would ensure your peace of mind.

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dressing your kids

No Grownups Required: Kids Dressing Themselves Up

Published on October 1st, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

dressing your kidsIt’s one of the challenges of parenthood: dressing up your tot. You must admit that it can be downright frustrating, especially if your kid starts throwing tantrums. Dressing up your kids becomes even more difficult once they started schooling or engaging in different activities. Imagine getting stressed in the morning just to prepare your kid for school; it’s always easier to do the task yourself than to watch them struggle and be late. and believe that teaching your kids how to dress on their own is one of the parent-supervised activities that will help them become independent. Here are some tips that will make this task a lot easier

Go for ‘Plus’ Sizes

To make dressing up easier for them, consider buying some clothing pieces that are a bit bigger than their actual size. It’s easier to put them on and off even without your supervision. The larger pieces you may want to buy will be for their home clothes only.

Keep it Basic

If your kids still have some difficulty putting on a tee, don’t give them clothing items that have buttons or heavy zippers just yet. When kids already get the hang of it, that’s when you can help them vary their outfits and start giving them buttoned pieces. Don’t introduce shoes with laces yet, if they still mistake the right foot for the left foot.

Let them Decide

Preschool kids usually start to develop their clothing personality. Knowing this, you have to let them decide which ones to wear. Don’t panic if your child puts on crazy colour combinations. The takeaway here is that he learns how to associate things. Just explain to them afterwards that their outfit is inappropriate for the season or occasion.

Avoid Being Critical

Being critical of your child’s dressing behaviour will only discourage them. It may even make them hate dressing up time. Commend them if they wore the shoe in the right foot or if they buttoned their cardigan properly.

Teaching your kids to dress up can be chaotic at times. But, seeing them tie their shoes or put on their socks correctly can make you proud.

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responsible service of alcohol

RSA Courses for People in the Alcohol Industry

Published on September 25th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

responsible service of alcoholIf you want to work in any small bar, club, restaurant or venue in Western Australia that serves, supplies or sells alcohol, you will need to attend a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and gain an RSA certificate in Perth, at your place of employment or online. Your RSA certification needs to be recognised by the WA Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor. Upon the completion of your RSA course, you will an RSA certification.

The best part about RSA trainings with the is that you can complete your RSA in the comfort of your own home, at your office, in a park or at the library – because the company’s RSA course is fully online. You can complete it on a PC, tablet or even your mobile phone.

The topics covered by the RSA training course include:

  • Information about alcohol
  • Alcohol and the law in Perth and regional Western Australia
  • Problems associated with excessive consumption
  • Responsibilities of venues, staff and customers
  • Strategies for responsible service of alcohol
  • Refusing service

AHA(WA)’s RSA course online gives students the opportunity to train and learn outcomes at their own pace, enjoy current and constantly updated coursework and learn from qualified and experience trainers who are hospitality professionals. Upon completion of your RSA course, students will receive a nationally accredited alcohol service certification.

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7 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Published on September 23rd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

catCats tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Unlike dogs, they’re not as eager to please. To earn the privilege of petting your cat, you have to win them over.

There are a million and one ways to a cat’s heart, and here are seven of them.

  1. Make her comfortable. Get an old, comfortable chair and set it up as your cat’s hang out area. Accessorise it with cat stuff and your pet may think twice before ruining your good upholstery.
  2. suggests getting cat toys online for a better, larger selection of goods. Buy your cat plenty of accessories to keep it from being bored and start scratching on your walls.
  3. Clean their litter boxes. Cats are very clean. You wouldn’t want them getting sick because of their own waste. Clean litter boxes also keep you from getting ill from cat droppings.
  4. When they need a cuddle, give them all you got. Cats only have a brief window of affection per day. Make the most of it and give it lots of love when it asks.
  5. Keep them groomed. Brush their hair often and keep the fur in control. When their hair is too long, they tend to start itching, causing wounds.
  6. Keep your cat indoors. Unlike dogs who go stir crazy all the time, cats are safer and healthier when they’re in the confines of their home. Set them up a place near the windows instead.
  7. Give them some alone time. If your cat doesn’t feel like socialising, give it space. They’ll rub up against your leg or climb up your shoulders eventually.

Cats are classy pets. They may not be as excitable as dogs, but when they show affection, it will feel like you earned it. Treat your cat like royalty and they will love you for life, just as any other household pet would.

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man holding fireworks

Firework Safety Handling that Could Save Your Life

Published on September 23rd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

man holding fireworksMany people around the world celebrate events big or small with a fireworks display. After all, who does not want to watch colourful and unforgettable displays of light against the night sky? If you are planning to light fireworks on your own, however, know that there are safety concerns. Here are some points you should take note of so you get to enjoy your holiday safely:

The Source

Whether you are buying fireworks online or from a local shop, it is best to know if you are getting them from a source that follows British Standard 7114. You will be handling materials that could cause severe injury or death. Find out if they are certified sellers under the British Fireworks Association, British Pyrotechnists Association, Explosive Industry Group, and other related bodies.

The Light-up Area

Fireworks are for outdoor use only. Do not insist on using them indoors regardless of their size and type. Light the fireworks in a clear, flat, and open area. Make sure that there are no automobiles and building structures nearby. Keep away from anything that could block the fireworks’ path, including surfaces or items that could catch fire, such as dry leaves and grass.

The Storage

Keep the fireworks in a closed box or container. Never leave them out in the open, as sparks from active fireworks could ignite them. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), manufacture and storage regulations require anybody storing more than five kilograms of explosives to obtain a licence or register with their local authority.

The Wind

Don’t light fireworks when the wind is strong, as the direction and speed of your fireworks might change. If these land on the wrong path, then people nearby could get hurt. Fireworks could also cause household fires and wildfires, especially when they fall on shrubs and other greenery. If fireworks land on vehicles by accident, these might cause an explosion.

Fireworks are fun, but they do carry with them a certain amount of danger. It’s advisable to handle them properly to make everybody happy, not send them to the hospital for the treatment of injuries.

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shipping containers

Avoiding Costly Shipping Blunders: What You Should Know

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

shipping containersMailing products to customers can be one of the most difficult operations many small businesses face. When you don’t plan or you plan things poorly, you can find yourself dealing with costly shipping blunders. Failure to provide consistent and cost-effective delivery of products to clients can lead to lost sales.

To avoid this situation, below are several factors you should consider before shipping your products to customers:

Prepare the Content of Shipping Containers for Extremes

Shipping containers are subject to extreme conditions. While in storage or transport, they may be exposed to triple digit heat to sub-zero temperatures. Make sure to properly prepare the content, so it won’t get spoiled. It’s also advisable to invest in secure and durable storage units. Most dealers of shipping containers are compliant with quality standards. But to be sure, it’s important that you talk to your supplier about your requirements when it comes to shipping containers. Perth companies have the best selection of different container types to suit your every need.

Load Your Shipping Container in Less than Two Hours to Save Transport Cost

Make sure to prepare in advance, so you can load the shipping container as soon as possible. Preparing earlier will help you avoid overtime charges.

Declare Organic Cargo Carefully

Fruits, vegetables, and plants are treated depending on the destination of the shipment. If Australian customs discovered that you have undeclared organic cargo, they would not only quarantine your shipping container, but they would also charge you with daily holding fees.

Develop a Sensible Shipping Policy

Make sure your shipping policy is reasonable enough before you pass it onto your customers. You risk losing business if you charge too much. For this reason, consider breaking even when it comes to shipments. You not only generate profit, but you also keep a good relationship with your clients.

Track Carrier Performance

Track the performance of your carrier by keeping a scorecard that monitors service and cost. Service factors can include the following: delivery, pickup, delivery appointment times, access to online status data and so on. Cost factors, on the other hand, usually include: cost by service level, baseline by weight or distance, among others. Make sure to coordinate with your carrier to resolve failures in service and other lapses. It’s also advisable that you solicit inputs from your clients.

Shipping products reliably and quickly to clients is a major concern among businesses. Transporting goods, however, can be complicated. So, to avoid costly mistakes, keep the above tips in mind.

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