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learning from divorce

Valuable Lessons that You Can Learn From Divorce

Published on July 22nd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

learning from divorceDivorce is an incredibly painful event, and it’s not something you can recover from easily. But it is up to you whether you will turn the experience into a period of self-discovery, or a cycle of anger and depression. While you can’t turn back time and fix the mistakes of the past, you can look forward and use the divorce as a path to a new and better life. says that divorce is an emotionally draining and stressful ordeal. While true, there are also many valuable lessons that it teaches you as well. If you learn from them, you will be rewarded with a happier future, and you will become a better person.

Lesson 1: Your value does not depend on how someone else sees you

Your worth is not determined by what your partner or anyone else thinks about you. This is a necessary lesson you need to learn if you want to move forward, otherwise you will be stuck forever thinking that you are somehow inadequate, or that the divorce was your fault. Mistakes were made by both sides, but they certainly don’t control who you are as a person.

Lesson 2: Everyone needs support

Divorce can teach you to be more emphatic towards people. When you go through an ordeal like divorce, you understand just how valuable a kind word, a compassionate hug, or even just an attentive ear can be to someone. It’s not uncommon for people to come out of divorce as more caring and sympathetic individuals.

Lesson 3: Loved ones can disappoint, but other people will surprise

Perhaps the most devastating part about divorce is the disappointment. Your relationship, which the two of you spent years building, is torn apart. This can lead you to doubt if anyone or anything in the world can truly be trusted. But you will often be surprised at how kind some people can be. Friends, or even complete strangers, will reach out and show you overwhelming love and support in your time of need. When you feel you’re on your own, the world usually proves you otherwise.

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car detailing

3 Factors that Trigger Automotive Rust

Published on July 21st, 2014 | by Maureen Thomas

car detailingMore than 90 percent of the exteriors of a car are made of metal. It is usually more prone to rust as it is exposed to hazards. Steel can endure with proper protection, but once it loses fortification, it will be exposed to different elements that may trigger the formation of rust.

If you notice even a little sign of corrosion, consulting Signature Detailing and other car servicing companies would be a good start; don’t resort to using improvised measures. Professional hands can provide assistance in preventing the rust from spreading, and tearing your exterior apart eventually.

Here are some common factors that cause rust:

Climate Condition

Cars are inclined to corrode because these are mostly made of metal; it only takes an anode, cathode, and electrolyte to develop rust. Rust usually forms when metals are exposed to too much oxygen and water or air moisture. If you are living in a place with humid climate, always check your cars as rust can invade the exteriors even if it is covered.

Old Age

Even with extensive protection measures, you will eventually find rust somewhere in your old cars at some point during its life. Nothing can outlast time, but with proper sustenance, you can prolong the existence of your cars. Rust is just one of the many symptoms you can’t avoid in aging vehicles.

Location or Region

Salt and sand are usually spread along the streets during winter to provide more traction and prevent melted snow from refreezing. Road salt is just one of the many elements than causes rust in the cars. Cars driven around places near the coast tend to get damaged more than those rolled in the city streets due to road salt. Untreated or unprotected metals are prone to rust, attacked without remorse. Even places with warm climate such as arid regions can expose cars to corrosion.

Every problem develops because of negligence. Failing to tend the needs of your cars will render it defenseless from harm caused by rust. You can avoid corrosion by cleaning and protecting your car regularly.

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virtual assistant

Obvious Signs That You Need An Assistant

Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Toby Jones

virtual assistantHave you ever experienced working for long hours, yet feel like the business is not progressing at all? Business documents just keep on piling up on your desk, and you have tons on your overdue tasks tab. This is your wake up call, a sign that you already need an assistant.

Managing your own business is a task fraught with uncertainty, but you have to keep moving. To be sensitive to the needs of your company, here are several signs that you already need an assistant:

1. You are losing money.

If your business becomes unstable after years of operations, perhaps it is the time to outsource additional workforce. Do not let a temporary problem turn into a long-term one. discusses virtual assistance price lists can be the deciding factor on whether you need to outsource human resources or not. Make sure to weigh your current financial standing. Reconnect with your business partners and consult the top executives of your company. With this, you can find solutions to increase your sales while making way for a new assistant.

2. You can’t take on more business because you’ve been a one-man show for quite a long time.

A demanding element when it comes to administrative processes is that you have to be open to new opportunities. It is a sign that you need an assistant when you start turning down calls, business propositions and new partnerships. The development of your company is hampered by your current issues and because you are already worn-out being a one-man show for quite a long time.

3. You are constantly dragging on short-term projects.

You already know that you need an assistant when you have forgotten the path to a long-term business. You have been too busy preparing documents and business propositions, when you should be exploring new business ventures and opportunities. It would be difficult to squeeze out some creative juices to produce a game-changing product when you are too engrossed with all the documents on your desk.

Benefit from the cost-effective solutions and streamlined services of a virtual assistant. Don’t wait until your email inbox crashes with requests and business documents while you are losing prospective partners and clients. The changes brought about by the presence of the Internet are at hand so put them to good use.

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WAWF Training and Registration: What You Need to Know

Published on July 14th, 2014 | by Denise Smith

RFIDThe Department of Defense (DoD) works with thousands of businesses and suppliers to ensure it has enough raw materials, weapons, and equipment to maintain its military superiority. Dealing with numerous suppliers, however, isn’t easy. The department has said in the past that the process poses a challenge when it comes to supply chain management.

To solve this challenge, the DoD issued a mandate in 2005 requiring all of its suppliers to mark their goods and products with Radio Frequency identification (RFID) tags. RFID helps the department eliminate duplicate orders, replaces manual procedures, and reduces shrinkage. Companies doing business with the DoD will also need to submit invoices via Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to enable the department to track and keep a record of orders easily.

Understanding WAWF

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a convenient and secure web-based solution for electronic receipt, invoicing, and acceptance. WAWF has significant benefits for both the DoD and government vendors. The application allows vendors to submit and track invoices, receipts, and acceptance documents directly over the Internet. It enables the DoD to process these documents in real-time, in a paperless environment.

If you’re a supplier working with the DoD or are interested in becoming one, you need to understand the process behind WAWF, which you’ll only achieve with WAWF application training.

The Benefits and Scope

The WAWF might seem complex and overwhelming at first, but with WAWF training, you can make the most of the application. The training will help you handle the system better, from tracking invoices, to submitting documents, to accessing important information. You’ll learn about the proper use of the system’s interface and the monitoring of all your transaction details.

During the training session, you’ll be introduced to a brief overview of WAWF, including its history, metrics, mandates, and relevant policies and guidelines.

Registration Instructions

After the training, you can proceed to register to use the DoD’s WAWF system. Establish a personal account with the System for Award Management (SAM). Afterward, verify your electronic business point of contact (EB POC). Add your CAGE Code—the five character ID number issued to you— to the WAWF Group Structure and create an organizational email address. Designate a group administrator for your company, set up your computers, and begin entering invoices for your contracts.

Your company needs to undergo training and follow the proper registration procedures to ensure full compliance with the DoD’s RFID and WAWF mandates.

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Game of Thrones Leads 2014 Emmy Nominations

Published on July 14th, 2014 | by Carlos James


Image courtesy of owlandbear / Wikimedia

Game of Thrones received a whopping 19 Emmy nominations, the highest of the season, boosting the 99 total number nominations for HBO.

The popular and brutal fantasy series Game of Thrones, based on the book written by novelist George R.R. Martine, dominated the Emmy Awards as the leading nominee. Series Breaking Bad, True Detective, and the move The Normal Heart also led the nominations.

The nomination for True Detective is the most controversial for being more like a miniseries, and for having a second season that will feature a new cast of characters.

Nominations for FX

Aside from HBO, FX also fared well, receiving 18 nominations for Fargo, and 17 for American Horror Story: Coven.

Netflix received 31 nominations with Orange is the New Black being nominated for best category. Gay rights group GLAAD saluted Laverne Cox’s guest-actress nod for the comedy as the first for an openly transgender person.

Fox and Comedy Central lagged behind.

Social and Political Relevance

“Voters like shows that feel more real and important in terms of today’s social or political topics,” Tom O’Neil, author of “The Emmys” and organizer of the Gold Derby awards website, said.

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child custody

Preparing to Go into a Child Custody Case

Published on July 11th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

child custodyThere are no certainties in life. Even longtime married couples tend to have a misunderstanding that leads to separation. Divorce is not a simple matter to handle, especially if there are children involved in the process. Child custody and support add to the complexity of the legal matter.

According to the Long Island divorce lawyers of, there are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself.

Consult a Lawyer

Divorce is a serious issue wherein the help of legal professionals is necessary. If you need an attorney, look for someone who has had the experience in protecting their divorcing clients’ rights involved in child custody and support matters for numerous years.

Gather Essential Information

Every state in the U.S has a different divorce law. Before fighting for your child custody rights, make sure that you know the divorce laws in New York to avoid encountering problems along the process. It would be helpful to put all necessary documents in one folder and ask for records after the hearing. Having an understanding of the law gives you an edge.

Know What’s Best for Your Children

Studies show that the best type of custody for your children is a joint custody or co-parenting; unless, of course, if the other parent is abusive or is putting the children’s health and safety at risk. Furthermore, it was proven that children with divorced parents who have an unhealthy civil relationship tend to develop anxiety and aggressive behavior towards other people.

Judges usually favor a parent who gives importance to the physical and psychological well-being of the children and has a stable source of income to support the child on their own. Child custody takes a significant amount of time, so be sure to spend your time with the children wisely.

Battling for the guardianship of your children is not a pleasant experience for all parties involved. As much as possible, aim for what’s best for your kids.

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fashionable clothes

Fashion Makeover: 4 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs an Upgrade

Published on July 9th, 2014 | by Kathryn Compton

fashionable clothesWhen was the last time you took a long, hard look at the clothes hanging in your closet? If you’re always having a hard time choosing an outfit for the day or if you stare at a closet full of clothes but still ending up thinking “I have nothing to wear,” it may be time to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul.

If you’re still unsure, here are four signs that could tell you it’s time.

1. There are a lot of Items You Don’t Wear

A good wardrobe does not need to be gigantic and filled with clothes. Rather, it can be more of a capsule that includes a selection of high-quality, timeless, and comfortable pieces that you can wear time and time again, and in different settings.

Students, for example, should have the essentials, such as a range of shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and sweats. Practicality, comfort, and fashion are always key factors to consider when shopping for clothes. Fire Label Merchandising recommends going for pieces that are comfortable and wearable at least for two seasons every year.

2. Some Clothes No Longer Fit

Many people save certain items in the hopes that they can still fit into them again in the future. Some people, meanwhile, have a knack for choosing clothes that aren’t quite the right size in the hopes that they can grow into these garments.

If it no longer fits, and you don’t see yourself wearing it in the near future, give it away or throw it out. Your wardrobe should be full of clothing that fits you perfectly and can be worn anytime. Well-fitted clothes should not only look good, but should also make you feel good about yourself.

3. You have “Nothing to Wear” Even with a Full Closet

There is no point in having a closet full of clothes if you don’t get to wear them regularly. It’s always better to have a solid range of pieces you can wear for different occasions—not a dizzying pile of fabrics you don’t love.

4. The Last Clothing Piece You Bought was for a Friend

If you haven’t bought anything new for several months now, or your clothes are out of date, it’s time for an upgrade. Your clothes should fit not only your body, but also your sartorial personality.

The perfect wardrobe is easier to create than you think—and more affordable. All you really need are a few key pieces, the right style, and attitude in shopping and putting on your clothes.

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Health Care

drug addiction

What Drug Addiction Does to a Person’s Social Life

Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Charles Corbin

drug addictionThe National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that addiction is a disease that needs remedy right away. Its effects differ per person, and it wouldn’t be ideal to let it become worse. Drug addiction treatment facilities may provide successful treatment to help patients get back on their feet and pursue the dreams and goals that they have lost, according to Alpine Recovery Lodge. This is why it’s not yet too late for your loved one.

Don’t ignore their condition, so you can save them from the following situations:


Those who are abusing drugs and alcohol may develop signs of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). This mental health disorder shows a pattern of abusive and manipulative behaviors, which can ruin relationships and violate social norms and personal rights.

The risk of ASPD is also common among people who inherited its genes and those who have alcoholic parents. In addition, it’s three times more dominant in females than males. Experts say that ASPD is rare in people under the age of 18, but exposure to animal cruelty and arson during childhood can become a trigger to this condition.


People who abuse drugs and alcohol usually encounter harsh judgment from people around them, which can make their condition worse. As there’s a norm about substance abuse, their image to the public won’t be good. No matter how much you defend your loved one, it might be difficult to convince what others think of them.


Drug and alcohol abuse affects relationships. Instead of having the usual conversation, family members will end up speaking aggressively and not resolve their problems. If this goes on in the presence of young children, they will think it’s normal and develop the way of speaking when they grow older. They’re also at risk for substance abuse.

It might seem unfortunate if your loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol, but you shouldn’t leave them hanging. This is the ideal time to reach out and help them recover completely.

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photo studios

Model Secrets: 3 Tricks That Make You Instantly More Stunning in Photos

Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

photo studiosThe most photogenic people are often not the most attractive; they are just not intimidated by the camera. Looking good in pictures is about discovering your signature smile and knowing how to strike a pose. Even if you love the way you look in person, it takes practice and experience to make sure your beauty translates on camera.

Being photogenic is a skill you can master. Whether it’s for your LinkedIn headshot or Facebook cover photo, let this article bring out your inner supermodel.

Avoid a double chin

Pay attention to the position of the camera to avoid the risk of looking like you have an extra chin. You are in the right frame if the lens is at your eye level or above. It hits the right angles, defines your jaw, and can thin you up a bit. Try to elongate your neck and move your chin a little forward. You may feel a bit awkward, but you will have a long, thin neck in the picture.

Fake thin arms

Don’t keep your arms by your side, as it will only flatten them. To look natural, they should be away from your body. Put one hand on the hip and let the other one fall. Doing this, according to and other Salt Lake City photographers helps your arm muscles to look smaller.

Use your better side

Know your better side and abuse it. To determine your best side, try to take a few selfies of each side and compare to see which you prefer. Move, laugh, make a sexy face, or do something silly. Don’t keep the same overly frozen smile for several minutes. It’s difficult to do, but you have to play with the camera to be beautiful in photos.

When you are comfortable with yourself, it will always shine through. Your experience can make a big difference for your confidence in front of the camera.

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pre-owned home

Three Things You Should Not Miss Doing When Moving to a Pre-owned Home

Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by Kristie Brown

pre-owned homeThere are many reasons to buy an old home instead of a new one. Apart from the lower price, pre-owned homes are usually renovated to ensure their tiptop condition. This means there is almost no difference between the two in terms of quality. You may even get extra benefits like proximity to the urban centre and school establishments if you happen to find a good pre-owned home deal.

There are things you need to consider, however, as soon as you move into your new address. You still need to make sure the place is up to current standards so you can make the most of its benefits. Here are some of the things you should do:

Look Out for Asbestos

Asbestos was extensively used as fire-retardant material from 1970s and earlier. Due to its relatively low price, it became a norm to use them in many home construction projects during that time. But findings conclude that prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres may damage lung tissue and cause cancer. This was the reason asbestos was discouraged to use in the country. Consult asbestos removal experts and even roof restoration companies in Perth like for assistance in this regard.

Replace the HVAC System

One of the facilities that break down frequently is the HVAC. So, even if the current unit looks and sounds like it is still in good condition, it is still best to replace with a new one. Air conditioning units and heaters only have a limited service life. Do not take chances with the ones installed in your pre-owned home.

Know the Neighbourhood

As with buying a property, be it pre-owned or not, MSN Real Estate advises to know the neighbourhood before you move in. As a matter of fact, it is way easier if you are eyeing a particular pre-owned home. You can get feedback easily from families in the near vicinity who probably might have been living there for a long time. Compare this with a new suburb with relatively new homeowners who are still trying to settle down in the community.

Old homes have this irreplaceable charm, but to maximise the benefits of buying one, you need to learn the basics. Take these reminders into account as you look for a good pre-owned home.

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