10 Inspiring Reasons to Study Psychology

College students on campusYou might still be wondering whether psychology is your cup of tea. It is one of the most useful disciplines because you can apply what you learn.

To help you further decide if a master’s degree in psychology in Singapore suits your interests, here are some useful insights from jcu.edu.sg:

1. Psychology can help you understand yourself

From how your mind works to how certain factors motivate you, you will be fascinated at the breadth of knowledge devoted to understand how tiny synapses in your brain trigger specific actions.

2. Through psychology, you are equipped with a diverse array of social research methods

Statistics and Rorschach test will no longer be alienating topics to discuss. You can learn how many things work and acquire some skills you can use in the real world.

3. Psychology provides sound theories and explanations on human nature

Not only does psychology help you understand yourself, it also gives you an insight as to why some people behave in a particular way.

4. Psychology helps you communicate better

Thanks to a deeper understanding of emotions and body language, you are on your way to being a great conversationalist.

5. You develop your critical and analytical thinking

You will not be susceptible to fake news and trivia, as you will always verify the sources of the shared information.

6. Psychology provides a flexible future

You are not stuck to the ‘psychologist’ title. You can even become a human resources specialist, a licensed psychiatrist, or any other profession related to psychology.

7. You gain a better appreciation of how humans develop over time

Studying how far human beings have come since the early ancestors is truly awe-inspiring.

8. Psychology overlaps with other disciplines—may it be natural or social sciences

Interdisciplinary research will give you fresh perspectives on events and phenomena.

9. You develop a deeper understanding of mental disorders

You will likewise realise why saying ‘don’t be sad’ can be as destructive as completely ignoring a depressed person.

10. Psychology is a vibrant field that is always relevant

Human nature is truly dynamic, and no single theory can explain it all. That is why psychologists never give up on investigating and researching to find the answers to humanity’s most perplexing problems.

If you have been looking for the right career path or you are wondering whether you will pursue a master’s degree in psychology, this is the right time to do so. Look for a reputable school that offers quality programs for students and graduates.