3 Helpful Tips You Could Do During Your Test

Study Practice TestSo after weeks and weeks of preparing, you’re finally about to take the examination that’ll help you get your career started.

On the big day, don’t let all your studying and working on practice tests for Security+, NCLEX-RN, or whatever exam you need to take go to waste and instead improve your chances of passing by keeping in mind the following tips.

Pay attention to instructions

While you may already know how the examination will proceed, you still need to listen to and read instructions on the test day carefully. Listen to the proctor for any instruction, which may or may not be directly related to the exam.

Similarly, you should read the test directions carefully in case there have been some changes in the test format since you reviewed for the exam. Remember that not following instructions often lead to failing an exam.

Work through the test strategically

Strategically plan how you’ll work through the exam to help you get a passing score. If possible, quickly scan the test and determine how many sections or question types it has so that you can manage your time wisely.

You should also answer as many items as you can, but skip the ones you’re unsure of and just mark them so you could get back to them later. Additionally, consider giving more attention to the sections — usually essay writing — that carries the most points.

Review your answers

Lastly, make sure you have enough time to review the entire exam. You should first go back to the marked items you haven’t answered.

Then, once done with the marked questions, go over the test again to ensure you haven’t missed any item (or an entire page!) and to review your answers at the same time. For essays, allot some time to check your work for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

On your big test day, try to follow these useful tips to help you tackle and, hopefully, pass your exam.