3 Secrets to Turning Your Vacant Lot into a Staycation Spot

living room

living roomLong daily commutes, annoying co-workers, and conflict with loved ones.

Just thinking about it will immediately make you crave for a break. Everyone needs an alone time at some point. If you vaguely remember the last time you went for a vacation, consider giving yourself a time to de-stress.

Now that you’ve been planning where to go, you suddenly noticed your vacant lot. Going to a secluded beach is not your only vacation option. Why not turn that empty space into the best staycation spot? With a few touches, you can achieve a fun and relaxing vacation a few metres away from your home.

Have an extra living room

Turn your vacant lot into a go-to destination where you can forget the stress of daily grind. The best way to achieve it, according to home expert Gran Designs WA, is to build a well-designed modular home. If you want to enjoy a movie-theatre experience, seeking the help of experts is necessary. You can achieve that amazing vacation vibe you’ve been wanting for months.

Add a hot tub

It’s probably difficult to enjoy when your vacant lot looks empty and arid. Vacation is all about fun and relaxation, which is why having a hot tub is a great idea. Whether old or young, everybody will surely love it. Don’t forget to measure the area and include space for plants and decking. You can add some shrubs, trees, and tall flowers near your hot tub for added privacy and beauty.

Build a mini bar

Enjoying tequila and scrumptious meals do not have to be only in restaurants. You can add luxury to your planned outdoor oasis. For a successful staycation, all you have to do is plan for fun. If you love eating and drinking outdoors, then a mini bar is a great option. You can also place a hammock near it, so you can enjoy reading a book or listening to great music. Imagine the cool, fresh air of outdoors calling you.

Your dull, vacant lot can be a welcoming extension of your home. With smart budgeting and thorough planning, you can have a place to enjoy family time or invite guests for a barbie.