3 Things You Could Do to Make Your World Bigger

Person looking at oceanThe New Year is a time for people to reflect on things that they did the past year and plan on what they can do for this year. For many, it is the time to kick out a bad habit and start pursuing a project or develop a skill. Still, for others, it is a time to be more open to the world.

Here are three easy ways to make your world bigger and more interesting.

1. Travel more.

The most common excuse for not having adventures is money. This is understandable. However, the world is a big and amazing place, and you really will be missing out on a lot if you just stay in your corner of the world.

Save up and pursue that LDS Israel tour. Hike and swim. Explore the grandness of nature and the richness of other cultures. Be it a simple hike near your place or a full LDS Israel tour, make it a priority to know more about the planet and the many ways life is lived here.

2. Talk to people.

It is easy to stick our faces in our smartphones and be perpetually occupied by our newsfeeds and millions of other things on the internet. Sure, you can learn and expand your world through technology, but nothing beats personal interaction.

One research has shown that chatting with people you encounter during a day feels like altruism. One chat with a total stranger can feel like you’ve done something good for another person.

3. Learn a new language.

Did you know that aside from the many social, lifestyle, and psychological advantages of bilingualism, research shows that speaking more than one language can help you recover faster from a stroke as well as delay the onset of dementia?

Make this year yours by making life more interesting. Keep in mind these three things, and you will have your best year yet.