3 Ways to Volunteer Your Time in Singapore

Volunteer group raising hands against blue sky background

There is nothing more fulfilling than volunteering your time and effort to a worthy cause. Here are some of the local volunteer activities in Singapore that you can check out to show your love for the Lion City and its people.

1. Consider the opportunity to contribute to national defence.

Residents and permanent residents in Singapore can take part in a uniformed volunteer scheme to contribute to national defence. Moreover, through this volunteer work, they can show their support to the National Service. The volunteer program provides training to help them become competent in assisting the NS Men and NSF.

2. Join the fight against drugs.

If you want to take part in keeping Singapore youth away from drugs, consider volunteering your time to the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA). Apart from the counselling they do, they also conduct anti-drug and drug rehabilitation programs for affected individuals. People who are interested in volunteering can work as an outreach ambassador, videographer, photographer, service facilitator, or a para counsellor.

3. Work in a soup kitchen.

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen, you can head to Willing Hearts. They cook and distribute around 3,000 meals to the needy every single day in Singapore. You can help cut vegetables for cooking or serve food to the hungry crowd. You don’t even need to register. You just walk in, and someone will usher you to help in the either the food preparation, collection, and delivery.

Give Back by Giving Time

One of the most important things you can do to show your love for country is to share your time. Consider these activities if you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Singapore. Remember that charity work doesn’t always involve money. The most important thing you can give is your time.