3 Ways to Use Grey in the Bathroom


bathroomGrey is the hot colour today; no longer associated with dreary days and a gloomy outlook. It’s the new must have essential that is modern yet timeless and classic. It seems like the perfect chameleon as grey suits about every room, every setting, and every mood.

Many homeowners love grey for its versatility. You can go light or dark, cool or warm, and paint it with any other colour. Let this article help you achieve that beautiful grey-hued bathroom.

Break up the walls from ceiling

Add instant elegance to your bathroom with medium grey walls. It’s a great choice for showing off the white-painted ceiling because of the contrast it provides. If you want grey walls and grey floor tiles to go with frameless shower screens, Perth home experts recommend choosing tiles of different shapes and sizes. Glass shower screens are a great way to make your bathroom look modern, while grey paint can make it more spacious.

Use solid colour to get attention

Use a dark colour to create a focal point, such as on the vanity, to make the grey wall or tiles stand out. You can paint it lime green, purple, or orange. Keep in mind that when working with a bold colour, you can use them sparingly around the room. If you want to use them in a larger area, balance the strength with neutral materials. Your vanity will really stand out when you keep the walls and ceiling light-hued.

Mix warm and cool shades

You can still go grey if you want something softer and lighter. It’s one of the few colours that’s pleasing to the eye no matter how dark or light you go. Just make sure that when you are combining colours, one colour plays the lead and the other a supporting role.

Many homeowners are often excited to use more colour in their bathrooms. When the time comes to make a decision at the paint store, however, many fall back to the comfort of neutrals. As colour is one of the easiest ways to personalise a space, it is worth taking the plunge.