4 Educational Outdoor Activities for Children of All Ages

Playing Kids in Minnesota

Playing Kids in MinnesotaSeeing your 10-year-old child glued to his iPad can be incredibly frustrating. Anybody who has a child in this day and age should be familiar with this scenario. If you ever wanted them off the iPad, you’re not alone.

The solution is easy: Take your children out of the house. There are plenty of outdoor activities that kids with varying interests can enjoy. And they’re great learning experiences that will be hard to forget.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Introduce Them to Nature

You have plenty of options here. You can visit a wildlife center in Minnesota, such as the Carpenter Nature Center, to check out the local plants, animals, flowers, and bugs, with the help of an expert guide. You can also go the DIY route and take your kids down a beginner’s nature hike.

2. Build a Lemonade Stand

Teach your children about the value of a dollar by helping them build and manage their own lemonade stand. Bring them to the grocery store to shop for lemons, and supervise them in the kitchen to turn lemons into lemonade. Set out a table and help them make their own signs to advertise their new business. This activity is perfect for the future businessman.

3. Volunteer

Teach kids the importance of helping other people. You can go to garden clubs where children can help pull out weeds or plant seeds. Alternatively, you can visit an animal shelter where kids can play with the pets for adoption. You can also visit a soup kitchen, where your children can help serve the food.

4. Go Stargazing

If your child wants to become a future astronaut, start training them early. Buy them a star chart and an inexpensive telescope and set it up in the backyard. After dinner, your kids can take turns looking at the stars and constellations, and trying to identify their names.

Don’t limit your children’s entertainment options to what is inside the house. Children are a curious bunch, and it won’t take a lot of time to convince them to go outdoors.