4 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Study Space

Woman ready to go to her study space

When it comes to studying, your surroundings have a direct impact. They don’t only affect your concentration, but they also affect input and how much you cover in a single sitting. Therefore, you need to choose a study space that doesn’t hurt your studies.

Below are some factors you should consider when selecting an ideal study area:


Whether you are pursuing a part-time degree in Singapore or living in the campus, your study location should be near the necessary facilities. For instance, if you are using your laptop, be in a place where you can access a power source and internet. If you need to do some research, be near a library where you can access reading materials.

Sit comfortably

You should sit comfortably enough while studying. However, do not get too comfortable as you might fall asleep. Also, make sure to sit in an upright position. For example, if you are studying at home, a dining chair would be ideal.

Have the right lighting

If you study during the day, you should choose somewhere where there is sufficient natural light. Also, make sure that the light is facing you to reduce the glare and squinting caused by computer screens. Alternatively, if you study at night, make sure to avoid looking directly into the light. Sitting too close to bright light can also strain the eyes.

Listen to good music

Good music creates a pleasant ambience. If you are the type who listens to music while studying, choose a study space where you can listen to some. Consider creating a playlist of songs you find uplifting as they will help improve your mood. Avoid playing music that focuses too much on the lyrics as you could get distracted.

Finding the ideal space for your study affects how much you absorb. It needs to be a blend of several factors that ensure you get the most out of your time. The above features are some of the many factors that make up an ideal study space.