5 Reasons You Must Count Visitor Traffic


customerIntelligent business strategists know how numbers can make or break an enterprise. Numbers don’t only pertain to the assets and liabilities, losses and profits.

Brick and mortar shops only rely in sales count. But this is not the only metric to gauge the performance of a business. Online businesses have the advantage of keeping tabs with their visitors. So how can this be possible in the real setting? By simply using wireless people counters systems.

But let’s go back to the basic question. Why do you need to know the volume of your visitor traffic?

1. Conversion.

Converting visitors to customers is not rocket science, but having empirical data to back it up helps in creating direction. Exact knowledge of guests coming in and out of the store or the footfalls paints a clear picture of the business’s status and from there, find out the blind spots in marketing. Increasing the volume of the returning customers should be a goal that must be monitored by all stores.

2. Customer satisfaction.

Footfall rate determines customer satisfaction. Having a high count average tells how much satisfied the people are in transacting with the business and tells the probability of repeat action.

3. Staffing schedule.

Connecting guest traffic to staffing schedule and attendance increases productivity and efficiency. This is when staffing plan becomes important. Knowing what time of the day is the peak of guest traffic will tell when to deploy additional security or assistance to maximize customer service levels.

4. Marketing and advertising.

It is important to have metrics that strengthen sales and marketing. After launching your latest promotions, it is imperative to know how much attention it pulled and gauge the effectiveness of an ad campaign to aid in decision-making in the future.

5. Customer behavior.

Knowing when and where the visitors stay longer gives you the idea how to use spatial manipulation, like how to arrange merchandise in shelves. This also gives the idea of where, when, and what keeps customers inside the shop.

Monitoring all customer movements can be intimidating, but the benefits are endless. The bottom line is the best business practices include having knowledge in every aspect of the enterprise, especially in the customer department.