All Aboard!: Planning Your Kid’s Pirate-Themed Party

kids birthday party

kids birthday partySo, you have your kid’s birthday coming up. You’re all good with the planning, except that your young one wants a pirate twist to it, most likely thanks to Johnny Depp. Well, that’s not a problem at all, so stop fussing about it, landlubber! With the right direction, you can get every kid in the party on board this ship for a great time, enjoying a celebration inspired by the exploits of Captain Hook, Davy Jones, and Jack Sparrow.


From the start, inform your guests that the party has a pirate theme. Now, the best way to announce this is through your invitation. You could go visit stores and get little plastic bottles. Roll up a piece of parchment printed with the details of the party (use a nice font fit for pirates!) and distribute it to your kid’s friends. Another option would be to make a treasure map that leads to the party’s venue.


It’s pretty easy to decorate a place for a pirate party. In fact, you can even get themed party supplies online and just put them around the area. For souvenir bags, why not use fabric bags a la loot sacks for their haul? Create a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes, or emulate the appearance of the deck. Go for a seafaring look with shells and nets around the area. If you have a pet parrot, that would really make the decorations stand out.


To make it a real pirate party, you have to dress the part. Striped shirts paired with leather vests, along with a bandana and an eye patch can already do the trick. Of course, you should require your guests to dress up as captains and mateys, too.


Remember those chocolate gold coins you used to munch on? Those are something your party shouldn’t lack. Now, include some snacks for the young seafarers, too. Cut vegetables into veggie swords and include a dip. It’s okay if you include seafood in the meal, as long as you take into account the children who may have allergies to certain types.


Games would truly give the pirate party its edge. Stage a treasure hunt in the vicinity with an X marks the spot game. You can also let the kids make their own pirate flags or pin the eye patch on the pirate. Just add some twist to common party games and you can make them work.

Give your child the pirate party they deserve. Think about these factors when planning the celebration.