All about Quad Bikes: Features, Functions, and Safety Measures

Quad Bike

Quad bikes are also known as ag bikes and four-wheeled motorbikes. Sometimes they are also called all-terrain vehicle (ATV), but this nickname isn’t always applicable because many quad bikes are not designed for use in all types of terrain. Here are other bits of information about these bikes.

Quad bike features and use

The motorbikes are designed as a sit-astride vehicle for single users. It has handlebars for steering and two pairs of special tyres suitable for unpaved surfaces. The bodies of quad bikes are tough and sturdy and are designed for easy straddling and operation.

More and more farmers today are seeing the benefits of quad bikes in their daily tasks. This versatile, easy-to-operate vehicle allows farmers to manage farm animals painlessly. Owners of sheep and cattle farms in Australia and New Zealand find these vehicles very useful in guiding their flocks. They also use the bikes in performing land management tasks such as patrolling around rural properties and monitoring of fields and orchards.

Quad bike safety

Riders must observe caution when operating their bikes. They may face serious accident resulting in injuries if they are not aware of proper operation and safety. Before you search for farm quad bikes for sale, take time to know the precautions and safety guidelines.

The first thing to know is that quad bikes don’t have a cab or roll bar. This means you need to protect your body from potential injury by wearing the proper gear.

Helmet, in particular, is very important as it protects your brain from potential trauma when accidents happen. Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. As for your footwear, boots or wellingtons are particularly recommended. Gloves and handlebar muffs are also necessary – they protect your hands while allowing a better grip of the handlebars. Lastly, wear a visor or goggles to protect your eyes from insects and flying debris.

Be extra cautious when driving on slopes and difficult terrains. Never drive too fast. Otherwise, you might roll over and hurt yourself. These bikes must be used properly to avoid accidents on the farm.

Quad bikes are truly very useful in farms and wide properties. With these motorbikes, farmers don’t need to straddle a horse, which can be quite tricky and tiring. With proper knowledge of safety measures and responsible operation, you can turn your ag bike into perhaps your farm’s best machinery.