Art from Scraps: Artistic Ideas for Scrap Metal Creations

Metal sculpture

Metal sculptureRecycled art is not that perfect creation. But it has a distinct appeal that some people find hard to resist. Those who find beauty in junk art either becomes the creator or the admirer.

Whether you are the former or the latter, you’ll find the following scrap metal art ideas inspiring, if not fascinating:

1. Metal sculpture. Human and animal figures are naturally beautiful. Find scrap metals and use them to create a steampunk dinosaur, dragon, owl or body shield. A famous scrap metal sculptor that created an epic animal form using metals is Andrew Chase.

2. Repurposed metals as furniture. Have some free time? Try recycling a pallet and a scrap metal body into a garden bench, a new coffee table or a shelf. The combination not only gives you gorgeous pieces of furniture, but also adds a rustic feel to the surroundings.

3 .Looking for display toys for big boys? Make replicas of big bikes. There are also original designs that you can build. Scrap metal dealers in Brisbane offer a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to make the bike replica look better.

Even scrap metals can be repurposed. With a little bit of imagination, reinterpret the unused metal in your home.  The good thing is, there are infinite sources of materials for scrap metal art. There are unused spoons and forks, tin cans, old farm equipment, discarded motorcycle body parts and others. These can be found in homes, in metal dealers in Brisbane or, for commissioned work, from clients themselves.

Making your own art from scrap is rewarding. You see the result of your hard work and you help in recycling as well. Appreciating the art is equally satisfying. If you do not want to make your own art but want to encourage others who do, sell that scrap in your home to give artists more material to use.

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