Backpacking for Beginners: Your Guide to Backpacking Basics

Backpacking woman sitting on a rock

Backpacking woman sitting on a rockThe world is a wonderful place and thanks to today’s modern technology, we have unparalleled access to it. But with that unlimited adventure comes a hefty price tag that most people are just not ready to pay. Thanks to human ingenuity, some people have taken to backpacking across the world.

Whether it’s summer in Europe or on South-east Asia adventure tours, your access to the world should never be limited by your bank account. Backpacking is a unique and easy way to experience all these sights without breaking your bank account.

Backpacking is called backpacking for a reason. Many people choose this mode of travel because it allows them to travel with only the essentials and helps them declutter during the journey. Keep this in mind when packing.

Packing Your Backpack

Choose a backpack that is sturdy, easy to carry and just the right size. About 45 litres should do the trick. This will ensure that you do not over-pack for the trip. A good rule of thumb is to only pack things that you need instead of things that are nice to have.

Pack items that have multiple uses and or things that you will use constantly. A good rule of thumb is to pack no more than a week’s worth of clothing. It’s easier to do laundry while abroad than to haul an entire backpack’s full of clothes.

As a tip: leave a quarter of your pack empty. This way you’ll have an easier time unpacking and even have room for knick-knacks and souvenirs.

The Journey, Not the Destination

Planning your trip is as much an adventure as the trip itself. Do extensive research about your region of choice and plan your trip around the weather. Mother Nature can be a most unwelcome travel companion.

Most countries in South-east Asia have a monsoon season that causes non-stop rains and flooding. Unless you want to stay in your hostel most of the time, keep this in mind.

Once there, try going off the beaten path. Avoid the usual tourist attractions and explore on your own. You’ll be amazed at what you find. Try the street food; talk to the locals; or go on a hike — these are just some ways to make your trip all the more special.