Become a Legal Nursing Consultant and Fight Medical Malpractice

a legal nurse

Many patients fail to obtain justice when pursuing a compensation claim in a medical malpractice case. In most instances, their attorneys or the judges fail to understand the gravity of their situation because they don’t have credible help.

Medical malpractice results in about a quarter of a million patients losing their lives yearly in the United States. Many other patients sustain injuries at the hand of their doctors due to misdiagnosis, wrong prescriptions, and other medical errors. While the mistakes are not deliberate, they have far-reaching effects in the lives of the patients.

In some cases, they’ll irreversibly alter lives or cause physical disabilities. Unfortunately, many of these cases are not resolved properly when they come up for hearing in a court of law. Armed with a legal nurse consultant certificate that you can obtain from institutions such as The Center For Legal Studies, you can be part of the change. Read on to find out how.

Act as a liaison​

There’s no denying that medical facilities and insurance companies fight tooth and nail to win these cases. After all, they have their reputation to protect and losing will give them a bad reputation. However, the reason most of these cases don’t deliver justice to the victims is a breakdown in communication.

Steeped as they might be in legal matters, judges, magistrates, and lawyers are often floored by many of the medical jargons. As such, they may not fully appreciate some of the nuances with long-term effects. As such, they need assistance from a credible professional to connect the dots.

Grow your career​

To become a legal nurse consultant, you would need to be a registered nurse with at least five years of experience under your belt. Combining your existing medical expertise with the legal knowledge you will acquire by taking up a course, you can start a more lucrative career. Courts, insurance companies, and lawyers often need experts to help them gain insights into the cause of disagreement in cases that involve bodily harm.

You are in a position to explain the nature, extent, and effects of injuries sustained by a patient. You can also explain how a wrong diagnosis or drug prescription affects the life of a victim in a language that the court will understand. That way, you can help lawyers argue their case from a point of knowledge, and the judge to reach a fair decision.

There’s more to becoming a legal nurse consultant than just growing your career. By acting as the bridge between the legal and medical professionals, you can help many patients obtain justice in medical malpractice cases and get the compensation they deserve.