Chilled Water Cooling Systems: Its Advantages in Commercial Properties

Commercial Air Conditioning UnitAir conditioning units are used to remove heat from enclosed spaces and provide cold air. Standard air conditioning units are usually used in separate rooms in residential properties whereas different systems are used in commercial buildings. Chilled water cooling systems are popular for commercial air conditioning in institutions such as schools, offices and hospitals since water is better than air, called dry heat rejection systems, when absorbing heat.

Cooling water systems are cost-effective. The system becomes more efficient through the use of buffer storage tanks that stores and maintains water cooled by the chillers at between 4-7°C. With the use of highly efficient tanks, this system can cut up to half of the energy costs.

Cold water is pumped throughout the building where cool air is transferred to spaces using evaporating coils in inter-connected air conditioning units. In large commercial buildings, a cooling tower with a chiller is used to transfer the heat absorbed by the water into the atmosphere.

The use of chilled water systems is an excellent choice for commercial air conditioning as water is non-corrosive, non-toxic and inexpensive and has a specific heat value. This system is also safer for humans. Water is more affordable and plentiful, allowing you to save on overall expenses from purchasing costly and hazardous refrigerants, such as ethylene, propylene glycols, sodium chloride brines, glycerin and methanol.

This system is long-lasting. Although the cooling tower is external, the machinery for chilled water systems is usually installed in the basement, mechanical room or another interior space. Components such as condensers and evaporators are then less exposed to elements, which extends the lives of the components.

Cooling systems come in different forms, including central air conditioners and heat pumps, room air conditioners, evaporation coolers, ductless mini-split air conditioners and other state-of-the-art cooling systems. Choosing the right cooling system for your needs, whether for a factory, offices or rented residential property provides comfort and a stable environment whilst cutting costs.