Choosing the Right Surfboard Fins


surfboardOne of the most crucial choices you need to make that can affect your surfing in a huge way is fin type. Fin selection involves factors that have more than color combinations and aesthetic bearing. In fact, fin type dictates overall control of the surfboard, aside from your own surfing skills.

According to, there are three main considerations when choosing a fin to go with your surfboard.

These are:


What kind of a surfer are you? What type of body do you have? Stronger surfers generally prefer bigger fins. They are stiffer which allows them to provide surfers with more power and speed. The downside to larger types of fins, however, is these make surfboards a tad bit too stiff for smaller, less powerful surfers. This causes less fluidity when turning.

Always consider your size and your surfing style when choosing fin replacements.

Your Surfboard

As every surfer is different, so too are boards. Some fins work for certain boards while others simply will not. Take note that boards which are more concave-shaped generally work better with larger fins. So do boards with wider tails. Again, this is relative to the surfer’s size and weight.

Choosing the right fin is so important that they can, in fact, make so-so surfboards perform well and turn excellent boards into not-so rideable monstrosities when mismatched.

Your Waves

Different surfers ride a variety of waves. While it is nice to have versatility, there are certain types of waves that specific people prefer. Always take into consideration the type of waves that you ride most often. It is another important factor that can increase or decrease your surfing enjoyment.

Fins are an all-important part to surfboards. They provide wave riders with control and fluidity in accordance to their riding style. Your choice of fin can determine the overall and controllability of your board. Make sure to keep these pointers in mind before you make your choice. Remember that it is all a matter of preference in the end and that it is your own skills that will carry you through.