Colours to Set the Mood Right: The Science of Colour Psychology

Color Fan

Color FanColours not only make your home, office, shop or store aesthetically pleasing. You may not know it, but they can affect your mood in one or another.

If you notice, conservative people use off-white to white for their homes. They dare not experiment with colours, fearing it may not produce good results. But, with the help of expert interior painters, you can enhance your surroundings with either a monotone or varying shades of colour.

For your home in Perth, you may suggest the following colours to your interior painters:

Warm Hues and Earth Tones

As the living room is where you accept visitors, you can welcome your guests with warm hues such as red, yellow, and orange or earth tones like brown and beige. People feel more connected when surrounded with these shades. The same is true outside the home. Leading exterior house painters say these colours make guests feel more welcomed.

Food is often our centerpiece in social gatherings, so why not use the same principle when preparing food? After all, the kitchen is a perfect bonding place.

Bold Colours

Restaurants often use red colours to stimulate the appetite of their customers. It also encourages customers to buy more. But, if you want to restrict the food intake of household members, use light blue or green to calm the nerves.

Like the colour of the sky or the ocean, light shades of blue and green are colours that imitate nature or the beach. This allows people to relax and sleep better in their bedrooms.

For the bathroom, you may choose white and lighter shades of colours to create the illusion of cleanliness.

To increase productivity in a home office, you can try green. Green puts you on the go and at the same enables you to relax.

The goal of painting your house is not only to make it a pleasant place to live in. Don’t limit yourself to only one colour. Try combining two to three shades of colours to create a dramatic effect. Better yet, try combining wallpapers with colours.