Common Problems Faced by the Elderly

Elderly woman having a problem with her neck pain

When you reach a certain age, and gray hairs start to dominate your natural hair color, you can expect some changes in your body and mind. Your situation varies with other people your age depending on the culture you grew up in, but there are indicators that you are indeed aging.

Here are some common problems faced by the elderly:

Aches and Pains

Your eyesight takes a turn for the worse. Your joints hurt with minimal movement and you need rheumatoid arthritis care. Doctors start to limit the kinds of food you eat. The cold weather is especially tough on your teeth and joints. These are all signs of aging, and they are experienced by people all over the world. As you age, your bones grow weaker, and you may have a hard time being active. Some elder people experience these problems later on in life, thanks to living a healthy lifestyle while they were young, and continuing the routine as they age.

Empty Nest Syndrome

For elderly parents, that moment their children leave home is a particularly trying time. They feel isolated and alone, and things are changing around them. It doesn’t help that with their various physical ailments, they feel like a burden. This is why some elderly parents decide to live in a care home, where they will be surrounded with people they can talk to. Having someone to care for them alleviates the feeling of depression.


When you’re retired and your children have families of their own, there is a lot of room for boredom. Some deal with it by starting a business, getting out of retirement, or traveling. Seniors find joy in traveling because it gives them some much-needed freedom.

Whether you’re nearing retirement age or you’re the child of an elderly adult, you need to know these problems and find ways to respond to them productively. Being in your golden years doesn’t mean you should stop living a good life.