Consider These Things When Choosing a Tent for Your Event

The Tent for Your EventIf you want to host an event Iowa, you may consider hiring a tent. Before you hire one, take into account the following factors in order to make the right choice that meets your needs.

The basics

You need to decide if you need a tent in the first place before getting one for your event. The basic considerations that you need to have in your mind include the availability of adequate space, a need to expand the available facility, a desire for coverage against weather elements, whether you need to attract attention, and the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Pole versus frame style

You can choose from two major tent styles; pole style and frame style tents. The pole style tents may span a large area at a very small cost. They can also be installed easily and quickly on flat and open areas. On the other hand, frame style tents can fit in enclosed areas where pole tents cannot and have clear lines of site. In addition, they can be anchored in many different surfaces.

The event

The event that you will be using the tent for will dictate the type of tent that you will need. Here in Iowa, for instance, if you are having a wedding ceremony inside a tent, you should choose a frame or clear span tent because it doesn’t have a center pole. A center pole can be an obstruction.

The number of people

The number of guests you are expecting for your event will dictate the tent that you will be hiring. If you are expecting many visitors, you will need a bigger tent. If you have a limited space, you may consider hiring a frame tent. If space is not a problem, a pole style tent is the most economical choice on a grass set-up.

Your budget

Pole tents are usually cheaper than frame-styled. However, they require a larger space, which might make them uneconomical where space is an issue.

Installation surface

Some surfaces including concrete and pavement may call for additional equipment, adding to the cost of renting the tent.

These factors will definitely affect the tent that you will choose for your event. In case you still have doubts, contact experts for further help.