Daycare Preparation Tips for First Day

Mom and kid playing clay

It is possible for both you and your little loved one to overcome the challenges of day one in a daycare. With tips from Salt Lake City–based experts, you can ensure a stress-free time for your child at the daycare center. And, for you as a parent, your thoughts while at work won’t be plagued with worry about whether or not your child is doing all right.

A Week Before the First Day

Experts advise that you revise the schedule in your house and keep the child in the mood. Prepare the child for what to expect at the daycare center. This prevents the possibility of a culture shock.

Adjust their sleep routine. This enables your child to get used to waking up on the time they need to go to the daycare center.

Make a prior visit. Find out if the facility holds shadow days for new parents and children. This provides a sense of security and confidence for the child.

Trust your provider. You have done your research and inspected the facility if it is up to your standards. If you are confident, your child will be confident as well. The opposite is also true.

Give a special gift. Kids need validation and boosts to their self-esteem. A new outfit, backpack, or shoes can motivate your child to join the new environment.

The Morning of the First Day

  • Both of you should wake up early to avoid rushing to the location, which is additional stress for both of you.
  • Arrive at the center early enough so you can stick around for a few minutes.
  • Provide the opportunity for the child to explore the environment and accompany them while doing so.
  • Establish a particular goodbye routine. It gives your child confidence and establishes a close relationship based on trust.

The first day in a daycare — in both dropping them off and picking them up — can be difficult for both the child and the parents. Luckily, it, too, can be a great experience for your entire family if you follow these tips and take the time to prepare.