DIY Electrical Works: Is It Worth It?

An example of an electrical fire A faulty electrical wiring system at home can cause a number of dangerous scenarios. For instance, it is one of the main causes of house fires, damaging property and putting you in immediate danger.

Despite the looming danger, some homeowners choose to repair their house’s electrical system on their own instead of hiring professional Auckland electricians, such as those from Hines Electrical & Security. While it’s cheaper in the short term, it is not always worth the trouble.

DIY Repairs Are for Minor Problems Only

New Zealand law only allows non-professionals to work on the property’s electrical system if they own and live in it. They are also only permitted to remove and replace certain items, such as thermostats, water heater switches and batten holders among others. This is also if there isn’t any switchboard work involved.

No DIY Solutions for Workplaces and Rented Properties

New Zealand laws do not allow anyone (employer, employees, landlords, tenants, caretakers etc.) to carry out electrical work in their place of work or rented property. They only allow registered electrical workers who hold current practising licenses to conduct such tasks.

Restrictions in Repairing Appliances

When repairing broken appliances, you or a close relative must own and use it. Professionals are only able to fix appliances for industrial or commercial use. It should also adhere to the guidelines set by the New Zealand government.

Better Pay Than Sorry

Energy Safety discourages you from doing your own electrical work unless you possess the right knowledge and skills. In the case that you started the work yourself, but think that you might have made a mistake, turn the main switch off and call a licensed electrician. They ca inspect your electrical system and make any necessary corrections to your work.

It’s better to pay for a professional electrician to repair your faulty wiring. They don’t only fix the damage, but they also ensure your family’s safety.