Here’s How to Choose Rental Sedan in Manila

Man driving a rental car

Man driving a rental carGetting a rental car in Manila to help you navigate around the city may be a good idea — especially if you’re not really fond of public transport. The following are some tips on how to make your choice.

1. Go Online

The best way to rent a sedan car in Manila is through the internet. You can easily compare prices through there, allowing you to narrow down your choices to 2 or 3 companies. Don’t forget to check the online reviews given to the company.

2. Look for a GPS

Make sure the car has a GPS to help you navigate through the city if you’re driving yourself. If this isn’t possible, the car should at least have a mount that lets you set up your phone for GPS.

3. Check the Car Itself

Ask if you can drive the car around to find out if it functions well in your hands. You don’t want to have problems in the middle of the road suddenly. With manila being a jam-packed city, you’d have a hard time finding help if your car breaks down somewhere.

4. Find Out its Insurance Coverage

All cars are legally mandated to have compulsory motor vehicle coverage. However, you should still inquire into the presence of this insurance type. Comprehensive insurance for the vehicle would also be ideal but not always present. Know what kind of coverage you’ll have in the event of damage.

5. Know the Payment and Conditions

Lastly, don’t forget to find out the various requirements for using the car. How much gas should it contain when you bring it back? How much would it cost to be late in your return? Are there any hidden charges for the use of the item?

Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind that Manila perpetually has heavy traffic. Should you wish to rent a Sedan, you’ll have to be aware of various shortcuts or maybe just get a driver to help.