How Help Waste Collection Facilities Benefit from Segregation

Waste Collection Facilities

Waste Collection Facility in AustraliaWe know that waste segregation is important. It prevents contamination of air and water as well as keeps living organisms free from toxins and harmful diseases. Yes, we certainly know how important this habit is in a large scale of things.

How about in matters like disposal facilities, are we aware of the help we do for them when we diligently segregate our wastes?

Little Efforts, Big Help

When we segregate waste we help make their job easier. Even if recyclable wastes pass through segregation machines, it helps expedite the process when we already sorted these out.

This also means we include only what must be placed in a particular skip bin. As a result, we help workers in waste collection facilities avoid work redundancy or disruption. This makes their work efficient.

Incidentally, this “decreases the costs at several steps of the disposal system.” Two German exchange students also found this to be true during their three-month internship in a non-profit organization in Southeast Asia.

Costs of waste disposal can become expensive too, according to the same sources, while “the money that is spent today in an inefficient system can be used for investments to further improve waste management.”

According to, segregation is a key requirement for waste incineration. This is because incineration plants registered almost zero emissions when the wastes are segregated.

Importance on Recycling

That is not to mention that segregation increases recycling rates. As we learn the habit of segregation, we become more informed and eventually learn to care. So we start to find time cleaning recyclable wastes before putting them in skip bins based on waste type.

Some would even volunteer to bring it to recycling facilities in Armadale or sell them at scrap yards. Either way, we allow our wastes to be recycled and reused instead of going to landfills.

We may continue the habit of segregation not only because the collection waste facilities require it, but more importantly because it is a habit worth developing. Segregation is a gift that the next generation will be thankful for.