Implant-Supported Dentures, It’s a Win Win

Denture in a glass of water

Denture in a glass of waterWhat are the drawbacks of wearing dentures in Richmond? There are a few:

  • slippage when they become loose, which they always do over time as the gums they use for suction recede
  • difficulty speaking or pronouncing certain words
  • having to avoid nutritious and enjoyable foods because dentures don’t have the chewing power to get through anything crunchy or chewy

There is, however, a way someone can keep their dentures in Richmond and get rid of all these issues, and that’s with implant-retained dentures. These are a set of dentures that are fixed onto dental implants. Many practices carrying out implant surgery in the area, such as Sheen Dental Implants, will offer this procedure.

Nobody likes change, and as human beings, we often get attached to our possessions, even the strangest and most unlikely ones. So, while a patient may not have celebrated the arrival of their set of dentures in Richmond, they may be loathe to give them up once they’ve got used to them.

With implant-supported dentures, the beauty is that they don’t have to, and they can still benefit from the advantages of dental implants.

How Does it Work?

Once the implant dentist has checked that the patient is suitable for dental implants, and carried out any necessary preparatory work, the implant surgery can go ahead. A full set of dentures can be supported on as few as six implants.

According to patient wishes, they can either:

  • keep their existing dentures
  • have new ones made;
  • have dentures permanently fixed onto the implants so they aren’t removable
  • have dentures clipped onto the implants so they can still be removed for cleaning, but are securely in place during the day

Back on the Menu

Implant-secured dentures offer all the benefits of dental implants: stable teeth that don’t slip, fall out, or affect speech, and chewing power that can withstand up to 200lbs or 97kg of pressure. This happy fact means that the wearer can now eat whatever they choose, and so are no longer confined to a soft food diet for the rest of their days. Apples, nuts and roast potatoes are back on the menu!