Incorporating Learning During Child Play

A teacher with her students

When children are actively growing, they learn many things through observation. However, you should let a child explore and discover things by themselves. Early childhood educators at preschools in Tootgarook such as Lyndel Childcare Centre appreciate the place of play in the growth of a child.

However, as a parent, below are five ways you can learn how to guide your child through play:

Look Out for Learning Opportunities

When a child is engaging in play activities, be watchful to recognise anything that can be a learning opportunity. You can then introduce a learning concept that relates to the activity, and that will make it easy for the child to grasp the idea.

Consider the Child’s Interests

A child is a unique individual with special interests. Consider the things that excite your children and direct them to explore learning opportunities in that direction.

Teach New Things

As your child keeps playing, they may not notice the importance of what they are interacting with; take this opportunity to point out new learning concepts to the child. When the child is part of realising a new concept, they are most likely to remember the concept.

Answer Questions

Ideally, children are inquisitive; they have questions to seek answers about how various things around them work. Therefore, using questions and answers is an excellent channel to introduce learning to a child to satisfy their inquisitive nature. However, when answering the questions, try relating any new concepts with issues that the child already understands.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Notice and appreciate the small steps that a child makes towards pursuing knowledge. The rewards will act as an encouragement to keep learning and exploring. However, when rewarding children, choose the things that he or she likes.

Children learn many things through play. Therefore, besides playing at their preschool in Tootgarook, understand that, as a parent, you play a pivotal role in shaping the learning process of the child. You can encourage your children to embrace engaging in fun activities in their learning process to see them improve their performance.