Independence Matters for the Elderly

Elderly PeopleIt is natural that some older people will reach a point of dependency or a time when they will need other’s assistance to do some daily tasks. Dependence, for the most part, accompanies shame and reluctance, as it only acceptable for younger people. Losing independence is an uncomfortable reality, especially for those who believe that they should care for themselves forever.

Elders value independence, mainly because it provides a sense of self-worth and sense of achievement. They also feel that it is the only thing they can control as their life and health significantly change with age. This is why they will always insist they don’t need help, even though they seem to be having a hard time living by themselves.

The Life They Want

Just to maintain independence, some elders are willing to risk their own health and safety. An expert from Legacy Retirement, a senior living community in Provo, also notes that they hate topics about aging or avoid discussions that involve care options or moving to a retirement facility. They consider independence as a physical ability, which is important to living a life they want.

Deciding for Themselves

Control is what matters most for seniors, as it gives them a choice on how to run their lives. They maintain independence by deciding on where they want to live, as well as the hobbies or social activities they will pursue. They don’t want others or their loved ones to decide or them, as this hurts their pride and make them dependent.

Help is Necessary

Some elders can live independently, but there are also those who need assistance because of mobility or memory issues. Assisted living facilities and retirement communities offer minimal assistance or as needed to help seniors maintain independence and privacy. Caregivers will also assist them in daily task like cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and others.

The idea of losing independence can be overwhelming for older adults. It may be hard to convince them that they need help, so it important to be patient. Providing love and support is important to make their lives easier and maintain aspects of independence.