Investing in Motels: Benefits in Brisbane

Benefits of Investing on Motels in Brisbane

Benefits of Investing on Motels in BrisbaneWith a 135-billion dollar economy, Brisbane and its two million people offer so much to hotel and motel investors. The four million (and growing) visitors to the city each year look for rooms to spend the night in.

Even with 77% occupancy, nearly a hundred thousand room nights are deferred yearly because of low room supply. If you are looking for a sound investment option, why not invest in motels for sale?

The Benefits

Motels are a strong option for passive investments. You purchase existing motels for sale in Brisbane sold by proprietors, renovate the building, and advertise. These establishments are often fully-tenanted, with so many tourists looking for a place to crash. As low-risk investment options, motels have solid occupancy rates, especially if located in high-traffic locations.

When you maintain a motel, you will also earn from the food and beverages you serve. If you deliver high-quality room service food cheaper than those sold in the area, your guests will order more and you will have another source of income.

Strong Tourism Demand in Brisbane

Australia’s federal and Brisbane’s local governments work together to maintain the city’s strong tourism sector. With more people considering travel in their bucket lists, it’s unsurprising to see local and international tourists visiting City Botanic Gardens, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, or Mount Coot-tha in Queensland. The millions of visitors will need a place to stay, and your motel will be the perfect place for their tired feet.

Cruise Industry

Apart from those coming from the airport, cruise travellers in Brisbane’s ports also turn to motels for a place to stay. With the growing cruise industry in Queensland, there are 200,000 cruise passengers just waiting to knock on your door. As the country’s fastest-growing capital city container port, Brisbane is also host to shipping executives and employees who want to explore the city. You can ably cater to their room needs with your new motel investment.

Brisbane also regularly hosts local and global business events. Those business executives and their entourage will need rooms to stay. Motels with a great reputation might not be the first choice, but they are definitely an alternative, making them a great investment option. You can even turn those executives into business partners if they regularly visit your motel.