IPA Craft Beers: Why Are They Popular?

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinksAlcoholic beverages come in many different forms. You have spirits, including vodka, tequila, gin, whisky, and rum. You have cocktails, such as martini, margarita, mojito, and daiquiri. Then there’s beer, which many breweries make using ingredients like barley, yeast, and Galaxy hops. The increasing sophistication of these concoctions show how brewing beer has become more than a science. It’s now art, and the popularity of different kinds of IPA (Indian Pale Ale) craft beer is making hoppy beer more popular than ever.

Why the popularity of IPAs?

In the United States alone, there were 312 entries for the American IPA category during the Great American Beer Festival in 2016. More drinkers enjoy pale ale, and the sale of IPAs in bars, groceries and convenience stores have risen steadily over the years. Additionally, most breweries make IPA exclusively, making it the most popular kind of beer for crafters.

IPAs Can Be Diverse

IPAs can display different qualities, even within the agreed parameters set by breweries. There are differences in color, bitterness, and alcohol content too. Some IPAs can be murky and dark, while some can be as clear as glass. There were also varieties in sweetness, with some exhibiting the sweetness of a fruit juice while some still retained the bitterness of hops.

When it comes to Alcohol by Volume (ABV), they could range from 4.8% to even 7.8%. The ABV is a standard measure of how much alcohol is present in a beverage. For beer, the international standard is from 2% to 12%.

IPAs are also popular because breweries can add different kinds of flavors: apple, citrus, lemon, ginger, blueberries, cantaloupe, and even grass were used.

What is the Best IPA?

As diverse as IPAs can be, expert beer tasters have realized several things. The best ones are often hazy; clear, bright IPAs sometimes lack the flavor some beer drinkers look for. A good IPA should have a hoppy taste and juicy flavor of a beer.

The best IPA should have a hoppy quality and still retain the taste of malt but not overpowering the fruity flavor. They often use tropical flavors or have a citrusy taste, with the right bitterness that reminds the drinker that they are drinking IPA beer.