Jamming Technology: A Thief’s Secret to Stealing Your Car?

Car Thief in TaurangaScience fiction portrays security forces, governments and criminals with the ability to block signals using radio jammers. It seems that this idea won’t be in staying in the realm of sci-fi much longer, because criminals in the UK are using jammers to break into cars. Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service reminds owners to be more cautious or call for a locksmith if they sense something out of place with their vehicle.

The Gateway to Digital Burglars

In a recent incident in Manchester Fort Shopping Park, a passer-by captured on camera how easy it was to prevent car owners from using their remote central locking car keys: when the key notifies the car through a signal with a distinct identifier and command to either lock or unlock the vehicle, thieves can jam the signal, similar to radio wave jamming.

Criminals use a device to disrupt the radio spectrum utilized by keys, which will prevent the low-power system of remote car keys from operating. These days, most cars using radio keys do not have an individual key lock for manual function, allowing jammers to keep the car owner from either unlocking or locking their car using the key.

The Evolution of More Cautious Drivers

As long as the driver is unaware of what is happening, burglars will have plenty of opportunities to steal their vehicle. However, a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police explains that they have not received any report from the public regarding the incident.

In December 2015, the court charged a 25-year-old burglar of using a signal jammer to break into cars in the Greater Manchester area. He admitted using a signal jammer, which he purchased outside the country for only GBP 35. He used the jammer to stop drivers from locking their cars and easily gain access to the inside, leaving victims oblivious that they have been robbed.

A lot of cars depend on wireless technology for operation and security nowadays, but the technology isn’t infallible. Drivers should manually check their cars before walking away as well.