Must-Try Chinese Dishes

chinese foods

chinese foodsIf you poll a group of food enthusiasts for their favourite Chinese delicacy, you might get different answers from each one. With so many delectable options on the menu, it’s easy to understand why everyone has their own personal choice.

To make your next trip to Chinese restaurants like worth it, here is a list of must-try Chinese dishes. Enjoy!

1. Peking Duck

Now considered as one of China’s National food, many people around the world are craving for the eloquent and stunning presentation. It is popular for its thin, crispy skin, and its delectable and aromatic meat. Many restaurants make this dish the highlight of their menu.

2. Dumplings

Of course, almost everyone in the world has tried this popular Chinese’s specialty: thin skin, soft stuffing and unique shapes. Some of the stuffing choices include beef, pork, carrots, onions, and cabbage. One of the most common “cultural” dumplings is the quin caijio, which means “hard work and more wealth.” This dumpling is stuffed with celery and best matched with soy sauce and chilli powder.

3. Spicy Tofu

Spicy Tofu or mapodougu is one of the popular dishes from Sichuan cuisine. It features that tongue-numbing nature of Sichuan’s strong and aromatic hot spices.

4. Egg fried rice

This dish originally came from China’s ancient western regions, and has now become part of people’s daily cuisine. First thing you will notice about this dish is the strong aromatic smell. Often served with soft textures and very enticing presentation, it will surely whet your appetite. Today, there are many varieties of egg fried rice in restaurants and night markets.

5. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are appetizers, served either fresh or fried. This is a popular dish among Chinese locals, especially during Spring Festival (hence the name). It bears very auspicious meaning as it resembles gold bars and people often link them with ideas of good luck. And of course, they are quite delicious.

There are many more popular Chinese dishes that can surely satisfy your cravings. Truly, Asian delicacies are one of the best—from exotic street food to main local cuisine, there is always something to look forward to.