Office Features That Employees Find Attractive Nowadays

Employees having fun in their modern office

Employees having fun in their modern officeNowadays, great compensation packages are no longer enough to attract and retain employees. Companies now have to make an effort to incorporate office features that’ll make the workplace more appealing to their workers. Here are some of these workplace features.

Green additions

To help not only the planet but also the people who work for them, companies can add environmentally friendly features in the workplace. For one, they can have bike shelters like those in the UK put up on their premises to encourage employees to cycle to and from work. The workplace can also have gardens where employees can take a breather during the workday. Even better, these corporate gardens can be tended by the office workers themselves.

Recreational perks

To boost employee creativity and efficiency, it shouldn’t be all work and no play in the workplace. As such, recreational areas make great office features. Game rooms, for example, can foster camaraderie among the employees through friendly matches of the pool, darts, Ping-Pong, or card, board, and video games. Massage lounges and napping quarters, on the other hand, will provide employees with relaxation areas when they need to rest, relieve stress, or recharge themselves.

Gastronomic facilities

To make eating during the workday more convenient and healthier for the staff, office kitchens or cafeterias must be part of the workplace. Ideally, the facility will serve a variety of foods and beverages. For instance, some office kitchens offer pancakes and coffee for breakfast, and then steaks and beer for dinner. Additionally, it’s also a great idea to have an office kitchen that allows employees to show off their cooking skills and prepare food for everyone once in a while.

It takes more than competitive salaries to get and keep employees nowadays. It would serve companies well, then, to have workplace features that’ll entice people to work for them.