Open Office Layouts: When Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad Enough


officePeople say that there are benefits to having an open office layout. Studies show that employees are more productive when they can see each other and not feel confined by walls. It can also help you save on utility costs because you can share lights and air conditioning.

There are circumstances, however, when office partitions provide a much-needed break from all this openness. Here are situations when a Perth office can take advantage of office fitouts for open layouts.

Visual Privacy

Being visible all the time can keep everyone in contact with each other, but it can be very distracting as well. People use their sight most, so the slightest movements can catch our attention. This can become a problem if you get distracted too often at work. Office partitions block your vision just enough so you will not be tempted to look over your computer monitor at an attractive co-worker every two minutes or so.

Auditory Privacy

Sounds can also be distracting. The biggest problem is you cannot keep anything confidential. Any employee can hear a telephone conversation of a co-worker whether they want to or not.

Moreover, some meetings are not for common knowledge. Ordinary office partitions are usually enough to keep sounds down. When it comes to meeting and conference rooms, though, you will probably need special treated partitions designed to be soundproof.

Light Shield

When a room lets in too much light, it can lead to eyestrain. This is especially true nowadays because people are always in front of a monitor. An office partition can provide some relief for the eyes. It can also prevent glare on the monitor, which can also make your eyes tired more quickly. A glazed partition may be ideal for areas that require some monitoring, such as the reception area.

When an office has an open-space layout, you can keep an eye on what everyone is doing without looking over his or her shoulder. Nonetheless, this openness can be distracting and intrusive. Office partitions can help reduce this, as well as keeping your eyes from tiring prematurely.