Personal Injury Claim: 4 Scenarios Where a Lawyer is Essential

a lawyer talking to an injured client

No case is the same, and this is true for personal injuries as well. However, all cases have a common denominator: you need good legal representation when filing for a personal injury claim.

A family law practitioner in Kent lists down four critical situations wherein you need the valuable services of a personal injury lawyer.

1. You were injured in an accident caused by another.

Some injuries are severe and long-term, potentially leaving you paralyzed for the rest of your life. It has a significant adverse effect on your physical capabilities, finances, and quality of life. If your injuries are the outcome of another person’s negligence, it’s a no-brainer that you deserve fair compensation. Figuring out how severe the injury is and how much compensation is considered fair, however, is the difficult part for a non-lawyer like you. This is why you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

2. You were the victim of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice cases include childbirth injuries, surgery errors, and wrong medical diagnosis. It is unfortunate that you landed in the hands of a careless or incompetent medical person and suffered injury or illness. Due to the complex legal rules involved in such cases, you can’t afford to dismiss the services of a legal representative and manage your case on your own.

3. You were exposed to toxic chemicals.

Everyone faces high risks of exposure to harmful chemicals. Chemicals are increasingly becoming common in the air, water or food. Unfortunately, personal injury claims that blame the manufacturers or retailers of these contaminants require complex scientific data and proof. This is extremely hard to secure independently.

4. You are at a stalemate with the insurance company of the one that injured you.

Insurance companies are always well armed with lawyers. They work in collaboration with insurance adjusters to ensure low or no compensation duties for their client. They pay no attention to how serious the injuries are, or what it will take you to get back to normal life. They tactically find excuses to offer lower benefits or deny the claim altogether. For you to be able to coax good money out of an insurance company competently, you need the skill of a personal injury lawyer.

Involving legal services in these situations will only be a surety to secure justice. The services of an adept law firm may be costly, but the lawyers’ presence and representation are well worth the cost.