Popping the Question: Make it A Special Night Out


proposalThe way you propose to your girlfriend reveals how much you care for her. A haphazard proposal means that you did not care enough for her to prepare something special to sweep her off her feet. Create a lasting memory to begin your life together with a proposal she never forgets.

If You’ll Propose Over Dinner, Dine Out Instead

There is something special about making your own menu and pairing it with the perfect wine when you propose to your fiancée. Proposing is a stressful endeavour, preparing the meals and choosing the wine adds to the pressure you feel before popping the question. Not all men are master chefs and wine connoisseurs, dining out is a more ideal option.

Dining out for the proposal eases the stress you feel. The restaurant staff will make sure that you and your girlfriend get the service and attention you need to make the occasion special. Select your favourite wine, the dessert you ate on your first date, or have the meal you both had during your anniversary to add a personal touch to the occasion. Choose the best restaurant in Brisbane for top quality service and exquisite food.

Plan with the Restaurant

To make your proposal memorable, collaborate with the restaurant in advance. Spontaneity has its merits, but planning makes sure that everything goes smoothly. Contact your chosen restaurant and tell them about your plan and find out if they are willing to assist you. Ask about the most romantic spot in the restaurant or the most intimate area. Make your marriage last by starting it the right way with the proposal.

Timing is Everything

The most common time that men make the proposal is during dessert, but the best time is before the meal begins. You might be sweating your pores out, if you wait until dessert to propose. Your fiancée will start noticing how stressed and anxious you are throughout the meal. You might ruin your elaborate plan because of anxiety. Propose at the beginning of the meal so that both of you will enjoy the rest of the evening.

Make your girlfriend feel special as you both start your lives together. Plan and collaborate with the restaurant for a smooth and unforgettable proposal.