Protect Your Boat from the Winter Cold

Covered Boat

It’s that time of the year when your beloved boat gets a little rest in storage. Make sure your boat is properly stored in the right facility and take certain measures to ensure it’s ready to sail the moment winter passes.

Check for Integrity

Your fiberglass boat may be made for water, but once water gets inside the wood, it’s bad news for your boat. Check your boat for cracks and damage once you have it out of the water. Try to find out how much a custom boat cover cost, to protect your boat from the elements and prevent critters from entering.

These covers cost merely a fraction of your boat does, but they are essential in maintaining your boat’s integrity away from the water.

Keep it as Dry as Possible

Drain every possible liquid. Not just the bilge, drain the fuel, drain the cooling system, and make sure everything is dry before you have your boat stored. Water in the system, especially salt water, can be damaging if left idle.

Dry the sails before rolling and give your lines and fenders a good clean before drying them. Store everything away from the sun and cover the whole boat to protect it from moisture and dust.

Store Your Boat Properly

Away from the water, you need to support the hull to prevent undue stress. Storage racks and trailers are good options if your boat is of a standard make. Always opt for an indoor storage facility. Drastic changes in temperature brought about by winter cold can weaken or damage your boat’s fiberglass coating.

If you have space in your garage to house your boat, it is still important to keep it covered. This prevents accidents that might scratch the fiberglass and compromise your boat’s integrity.

Extreme cold can make the fiberglass in your boat brittle and crack. Get your boat storage-ready and keep it away from the elements. It’s only a few more months ‘til spring and you’ll soon get your boat back in the water where it belongs.