Quality Care is Within Reach at the Harley Street Dentist

Dentist with his team and patient

Dentist with his team and patientHarley Street is well known as the heart of London’s private medical district. GPs, dentists and surgeons populate this W1 street, making it a must-see destination for those looking for easy access to high quality medical care.

And while for a long time private health care was considered the preserve of the super-rich, these days, the dentist in Harley Street recognises that more and more people in the UK are looking outside the NHS to preserve their health and wellbeing. Surgeries such as Harley Street Dental Clinic do all they can to make their services accessible to a wider range of patients.

This includes offering one year’s 0% finance on treatments through credit companies like Medenta. These credit providers help eligible patients spread the cost of treatment over time, with little or no interest for a period. Patients will need a good credit rating to be able to take up this service and are advised to find out their credit score before applying for finance. If their application is denied, this can negatively affect their credit rating.

Using a finance package means that patients can start treatment immediately, without needing to make a significant capital outlay. There is usually a range of options available, so patients can opt for the one that works best for their individual circumstances.

The dentist in Harley Street may also run special and introductory offers. Patients can sign up to email newsletter lists of the practices they are interested in, or just take a walk down Harley Street and find out what offers are available at their surgeries of choice.

One reason that a wider range of patients are interested in the Harley Street dentist is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic treatments aren’t available through the NHS and due to a rising interest in self-image and the falling cost of these treatments, more and more patients are seeking them out.

Cosmetic dentistry not only helps patients to look good, but feel good too, and, in some cases, improve oral health. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and sparkling white ones sure make it easier to flash a grin in social situations. The Harley Street dentist and a brighter smile are more within reach than ever.