Roaches: What You don’t Know about Them will Surprise You

Facts about Roaches

Facts about RoachesThere is always something about roaches that makes you cringe. It could be their impulsive flying act, or their hairy, jointed legs, or their ticklish antennas, or their evil black color. Whatever it is that makes these insects the most unfavorable of all critters in the human planet, they are still pretty much amazing insects.

What you don’t know about roaches

For people having roach problems, especially in Indiana, suggests that hiring professional pest control would be the most effective solution. As you know, roaches can fly and crawl onto virtually anything inside your home. This could lead to contamination, increasing your risk of diseases.

While roaches can often be vectors of diseases, here are things you most likely don’t know about them:

  • Roaches breathe through small pores in the different segments of their bodies. As such, a cockroach doesn’t need its mouth to breathe. Without a mouth, however, it dies of because of thirst or hunger.
  • In relation to the fact above, do you know that you can kill a roach just by mixing soap and water? Spraying or splashing the roach’s body with soap and water mixture would cover the pores where the roach breathes. This would cause it to suffocate and die.
  • However, killing a roach through suffocation can be very tough, as it can hold its breath for up to 40 minutes.
  • Roaches can go without any food for up to four weeks. So it means you cannot really get rid of roaches by starving them off. However, you can prevent them from invading your place by keeping your food and trash secure.
  • Ironically, roaches help keep our environment clean. Roaches act as garbage collectors, dining on everything they see – hair, dandruffs, dead nails. Organic matter traps high amounts of nitrogen, which can be harmful to the local environment. By eating these decaying matter, roaches help keep nitrogen threshold at a safe level.
  • Roaches travel at an amazing speed of up to three miles an hour. These insects can detect changes in the air current so fast that they are able to respond quickly to stimuli.

No matter how amazing (and helpful to some extent) these insects are, roaches and human are still not fit to share the same living space. At the first sign of roach infestation, contact a pest management firm immediately. This way, you are preventing the possible spread of any disease due to these insects.