Should You Make Your Own UAV?

Custom UAVs

Custom UAVsThe development of the UAV industry has been impressive over the past few months. If the DJI Phantom 2 review from SciAutonics is any indication, it’s clear that manufacturers – not just DJI – are trying to expand the technology further. This progress isn’t just for the machines that belong to the best drones under $500 category, but flagship machines and compact multicopters as well.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to count on the new releases of these UAV makers to enjoy flying. There is another sector that tries to revolutionize drones as the world knows it – the DIY community. People who are part of this create their own custom UAVs to fly. Chances are you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it to try your hand at making your drone.

Well, here’s the deal: custom UAVs are for advanced users. Venturing into this part of the UAV market is a good choice only if you know your way around electronics and computers. There may be tutorials on how to build a drone, but you must be familiar with the tech behind this machine.

Being a DIY UAV builder gives you free rein over the features you want to add or remove from your machine. Custom drones don’t confine you to non-removable cameras and brand-exclusive batteries.

But at the same time, it requires you to continuously upgrade the craft you’re using. Some parts will need replacement over time. If you crash the drone, there would be no manufacturer warranty you can depend on. As such, you must be highly committed if you want to venture into this.

So, should you go the DIY route with your drone? Go for it only if you can and if you want to. It is a highly interesting segment of the drone community, but at the same time, it’s not something for those without the technical knowledge. If you can’t handle all the work necessary to make custom drones, you’re better off waiting for the next releases from UAV manufacturers.