Skip or Hit the Gym: Are You Too Worn Out to Work Out?

Man sitting in the gym

Man sitting in the gymSticking to your fitness goals is important, but would being tired be a legitimate reason for skipping a sweat session?

People seem to be divided on this issue. On the one hand, some believe that it’s okay to sleep in. On the other, people say you don’t earn a beauty rest when you haven’t broken a sweat yet. Knowing the truth about your body is the best way to know, so listen to it.

When It’s Legit to Skip

‘No excuses’ is a good mantra to follow when you want to keep yourself accountable to your fitness goals, but if you’re feeling sluggish because of three sleepless nights in a row, prioritize catching up on some needed Z’s.

In other words, the amount of sleep you get is one determine whether you should skip or hit the gym. Your exercise coach form Get In Shape For Women will be the first to tell you that working out when you’re sleep deprived isn’t only uncomfortable; it could also be dangerous.

You’re at risk for injuries, given that the body isn’t quick to respond to stimuli. So instead of hitting the gym when you’re sleep-deprived, hit the sheets and catch up on some rest.

When You’re Still Too Tired

When you feel tired but do not lack sleep, perhaps it’s the lack of motivation you’re struggling with. In this case, you have to pin down which part of your routine makes you ‘tired.’ Is it the lack of results? Has the workout become too much to handle?

With the help of your exercise coach, you can gain that drive again by trying or adding new routines. You could also join small group training sessions that will allow you to interact with other fitness enthusiasts. Find an accountability partner in these settings so that you can keep yourself on track.

Are you too tired to work out? Listen to your body. You’re the only person who can tell if you have to hit or skip the gym.