Social Media Posting Ideas That Generate Buzz

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Social media is the place to be to meet your audience, interact with them, launch or re-launch products, and generate buzz around your brand. In today’s online world of short attention spans (think the length of a tweet), you need to update your feed constantly to keep your target market interested and tuned into your company.

Experts on social media management services cite the following post ideas to keep you relevant.

Run a Poll

A poll piques the interest of your audience, or it can also be a subtle way of getting new data about them. Polls can be as simple as what’s on their bucket lists, what features they like best about your products or what items they want to buy. This generates buzz around your company and may start a conversation.

Display Company Culture

Show a human face behind the logo and brand. This humanises your business and allows you to make a personal connection with your audience. This human link between you and your target market makes you relatable. The latter trait develops rapport and provides you with an opening to deliver your company’s value proposition.

Share a Video or Article Testimonial

Other than showing the faces behind your company, a customer video or article testimonial about your brand and the solutions you offer allows you to connect with people. With people testifying about what you did for them, you get to boost your image and trustworthiness. Make the post authentic by letting them speak from their own experience and not with a script.

Show Data in Your Industry

Numbers back up any claim you make about your brand. Post data on your social accounts to entice people to choose you over the competition. Weave a story with the numbers to enthral readers and convince them.

These social media ideas allow you to stay current and keep you in the minds and mentions of your intended audience. Include these whenever you make an editorial calendar and schedule of posts.