Some Tidbits About the Holi Festival of Colors

Holi FestivalUshering the arrival of spring, people gather in brightly colored garments, dance under flying confetti, and are blown with dusts of different colors.

This is the Holi Festival of Colors, one of the most celebrated events in India. This religious event attracted droves of tourists over the decades. Hindus also revere this festival.

According to some legends, the playful Lord Krishna would complain of his dark complexion to his mother. He would play pranks on others by throwing colored water on them, stirring a celebration amongst Indians. Despite its religious background, it’s a celebration entails much fun and enjoyment.

All people of India, whether rich or poor, celebrate the Holi. Celebrities and politicians participate in the event not minding their faces getting smeared by the different colored powders. Many other countries with Indian people also celebrate this festival.

What is Holi powder made of?

There are many different ways to make Holi powder or “gulal”. They’re from starchy ingredients like cornstarch or rice flour. In India, it has been a practice to mix it with chemical dyes, which sometimes can be harmful to the skin.

As an alternative, some use natural coloring ingredients. For red, sandalwood, “annatto”, or the red hibiscus flower dyes the flour. Henna powder results to green while turmeric, “besan”, or flowers like yellow chrysanthemum or marigold produce yellow.

Meanings of the colors

The colors in general symbolize vitality and life of each human being and the relationships they share with each other. However, each color signifies something. Red is the color of purity, green represents vitality, blue stands for calmness, and yellow is a sign of holiness. Thus, when purchasing your Holi powder, you should consider the meaning of each color.

Holi powder also functions as color runs for marathons that have become wildly popular as of recent. No matter what or where you celebrate, colors represent life. That is the biggest contribution of the Holi Festival to humanity.