Take It from Google: Make Your Office Upbeat and Dynamic

Make Your Office Upbeat and Dynamic in IndianapolisGoogle’s success is well-documented in media. Apart from having smart and determined employees, their success is attributed to their unique culture. It’s obvious that the company does not have a typical corporate culture. In fact, just by looking inside the Googleplex, you’ll probably think of it as an adult playground and not a place for work.

This is proof that workplace environment has a big role in employee productivity, as a balanced working environment is where the best ideas flourish, according to ZZONE 31. Google offices around the globe reflect the company philosophy, which is to create the happiest and most productive workplace in the world. No wonder many companies are inspired by Google’s philosophy. 

Relationship with Employees

You’re probably wondering why Google is far different from other companies. You may think that the perks they provide their employees are the main reason. The answer is simple, but it’s more than that. Google believes that treating people well is more important than making a lot of money. Google thinks of employees’ suggestions and ideas as significant.

Googlers – as the company’s employees are called – regularly submit their innovative ideas to product improvements and these are taken seriously. It is all about treating people with respect, supporting their creative venture, and working hard to maintain their motto: don’t be evil.

A Googly Office

Color is the most noticeable part of many Google offices. They are designed with vibrant colors and palettes that are inspired by the Google logo itself. It is the company’s way to bring a fun and creative vibe to any space of the office.

You will always find some sort of play in action in every part of Google’s office, which is the company’s way of blending fun with work. You will also notice that their offices are equipped with casual seating areas or the third spaces. These spaces are built to become an alternative workplace for the employees. It’s really amazing how much they care for their employees, right?

These are only some of the factors why many companies are being inspired by Google’s success. Their collaborative, creative, and innovative corporate culture is what keeps their employees motivated and success-driven.