Taking Time to Make Time for Safety: The Take 5 Process

Safety precaution

Safety precautionPeople are always rushing about to get things done so that they can do something else (or more). The problem is, there are often better and safer ways to do things. Most people miss the opportunity to see it because they do not take five for safety.

What is Take Five for Safety?

There is nothing complicated about take five for safety. Experts advise that you take five minutes to think about what you are about to do. What benefit does taking five minutes contemplating a task do?

This will allow you to take a good look at a situation. You will figure out the best way to get started on a task. You will also see any problems or dangers that you might face. All these will give you the chance to think about how to avoid problems, and to warn others about the potential risks.

Where Does It Apply?

Take five for safety initially applied to the mining industry. Workers constantly faced dangers at everything they do. When they took five minutes to regroup, they were able to avoid many preventable accidents. They were also able to do the work more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

However, the idea behind take five for safety applies to other industries. These include other dangerous jobs like those in construction and marine fields. Workers in other areas an also benefit from the take five for safety process. Employers can derive great benefits from a small investment in take five for safety training and signs.

You can use take five for safety in anything that you do. Can you think of a time when taking a little time to think about what you are about to do could have saved you an extra trip or a broken bone?

Most people could have benefited from taking a little time to make time. If you have not, you are probably one of those people who already take five for safety without even knowing it.