Things that May Damage Your Leather Furniture

leather sofa

leather sofaYou know that leather furnishings may be pricey, but they are always worth it. Their elegance can make any space look lavish and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, they can stand the test of time—this is perhaps the biggest trait that makes them a wise investment. You need to keep in mind, however, that just because leather furniture is durable doesn’t mean it is not prone to certain deformities.

A lot of things and activities can speed up the aging process of your leather furniture. So, you should know them before you even buy leather sofas and other pieces for sale. Read on to find out what can deform and destroy a leather furnishing.

Shoe Polish

You may think the cleaner you use on your leather shoes is also applicable for leather furniture. But, this is actually a dangerous idea. Leather shoes have undergone a different process, as the leather shoemakers use can easily absorb shoe polish. The leather used on furniture, on the other hand, doesn’t have that soaking ability. It will just leave stains on the sitter’s trousers. The shoe cleaner may contain some harsh chemicals that may cause peeling and cracking.

Window Cleaners

Window cleaners may contain alcohol and other harsh solvents that can destroy the leather surface. You should also avoid other seemingly harmless cleaners, such as detergents and bleach, when removing stubborn stains. Otherwise, you will only end up causing irreversible damages.


Never place your leather furnishings under the sunlight. It will only bleach your leather, turning rich colours into an ugly fade. The sunlight may also cause peeling and cracking. This is why it’s not advisable to use leather furniture in patios and outdoor spaces.


You may think twice about getting leather furniture if you have pets around. The claws of your pooches and feline friend can scratch the leather, which in turn, leads to complicated and pricey repairs.

Leather furniture is a good investment for your home, but there are some things you need to watch out for to make it last a long time. Other than buying quality leather furnishings, make sure you have someone who can provide reliable upkeep services.