Unique Strategies to Save on Costs When Renting a Car

Holding a Car Key

Renting a car is a convenient option when you are in a new place. You could also opt to rent a vehicle for your road trip, wedding or business trip. Most people think car hire fees are exorbitant and not worth it.

However, rental fees are primarily influenced by the type and size of the vehicle you select. A sedan rental from RentCarManila.com is the best option for Manila visitors looking for an easy time getting around. Here are some cost-cutting measures that will save you money on car rentals.

Understand the insurance offered.

Most rental companies will offer additional insurance for your rental. Understand what precisely this covers since you might have the same from your existing vehicle insurance. Some credit cards also offer coverage if you use one to pay for your rental.

Have one competent driver.

Most car hire companies will charge an extra fee for any additional drivers. This is primarily in a bid to insure the company against reckless driving. You could avoid this fee by selecting one competent driver who will drive for the entire time you will rent the car.

The driver should also ideally be over 25 years since some companies will charge extra for those under this age.

Keep within the set mileage.

Some companies charge their rental fees based on the distance covered rather than number of days. You can save by keeping within the set daily mileage limit as any additional mile incurs extra costs.

If you need to cover more miles within one locality after exhausting your daily mileage, consider a cab instead and see if it would be cheaper.

With the tips above, your car rental will leave you with more cash than if you chose to blindly pay unnecessary fees. Cost should hence not be a hindrance to renting a car.