Utah Maintains Low Unemployment Rate in July

Employment rate chart on a blackboard

Despite a slight increase in Utah’s jobless rate, it remained one of the lowest nationwide, according to a report from the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS). The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 3.5% in July, as non farm payroll employment increased around 2.9% to 41,300 jobs since July 2016.

The report noted that more than 1.4 million people comprise the state’s current employment level.

State Employment

An estimated 54,500 individuals in the state remained jobless in July, yet these people have been active in seeking employment, according to the report. Even as the unemployment rate in Utah increased, it remained lower than the national level at 4.3%.

Those with experience in skilled technology would likely find it easier to land a job in the future, due to an expected increase in demand for professionals, such as database managers, dot-net professionals, and wireless network administrators.

Experts also expect analytics and business intelligence professionals to be in demand. There are several ways to boost your credentials to become more attractive to potential employers, including signing up for A+ certification practice tests to gain accreditation.

Jobs by Sector

Professional and business services posted the biggest increase in net jobs in July year over year, as there were 10,700 jobs created during the month. Construction employment also rose by 6,900 jobs, while there were 6,800 more people hired in the trade, transportation, and utilities industry.

In terms of job growth, construction companies posted the highest rate at 7.3%, followed by professional and business services at 5.2%. Employment in other services grew at 4.4%, according to the DWS report.


Jobs in Utah have increased, and this indicates a positive turn for the state economy. As employment increased in almost all private sector groups, job hunters should be encouraged to keep on pursuing different options.