What Do People Usually Want To Change About Their Smile?

A smile is rated as the top characteristic that people notice when they first meet a new person. Making a good impression can be the key to all sorts of relationships — business and personal. When someone has concerns about their smile, it can lead to a general feeling of low self-esteem.

The types of issues that people generally have with their smile include damage, discolouration and misalignment. The latter can be fixed with braces in Leeds from a dentist like Enhancedental.

How Can Braces Help?

Braces in Leeds move the teeth from their current positions to ones that are better for the smile and for a patient’s look. They do this by applying gentle pressure to each misaligned tooth in the direction that the dentist wants it to move. When the pressure is consistent, the body responds by moving material out of the way to make room for the movement. Simultaneously, it builds up material in the area the tooth has moved from so that the tooth does not become loose during this process.

Braces can be used to push teeth forwards or backwards, rotate them, and pull them towards one another in order to close a gap. A dentist can combine these different movements with a unique treatment plan to revolutionise someone’s smile. They can also focus on small changes that make a big difference but which can be carried out in a short amount of time.

What About During Treatment?

It’s common for patients to be concerned about how they will look during their teeth straightening treatment. There are realignment methods that are aesthetically sympathetic and designed to look good or be virtually invisible during treatment. Many dental practices now have a range of braces on offer that patients can choose between.

Do Braces In Leeds Mark The Teeth?

Once braces have been removed, the patient should be left with a beautifully aligned smile. Occasionally, there can be some dental cement attached to the teeth or a faint pattern. This is easily removed with a clean and polish. Some people choose to finish their teeth straightening journey with a whitening treatment for maximum impact when they are showing off their new-look.