What to Know About Breeches: Sizing, Fabrics & Styles

BreechesBreeches were designed specifically for horse riding. They feel great, look perfect, offer support, and prevent rubbing. It’s everything a rider could desire from a simple pair of pants. Nowadays, they come in various colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes. This article shares everything that you need to know about breeches, so you can buy one that’s perfect for you.


Breeches are made to fit comfortably snug when riding, but also allows for more a better of motion. You can just concentrate on riding and performing, rather than avoiding being pinched, chafed or sliding from your saddle. Sizes are typically in inches and are based on waist measurement. They come in long and regular sizes, which indicates the length of the inseam.

Fabric Options

Plain cotton or cotton blends are the most popular options simply because of comfort, but they can’t absorb moisture that ably so cotton breeches tend to get damp the more time you ride on your horse. Microfiber options are increasingly becoming popular due to their better moisture wicking properties and breathability. Some fabric options, on the other hand, are developed for keeping you warm during the cold season with their thermal protection properties.


If fashion and event riding is your thing, A.A. Callister’s says full seat breeches are the way to go. It’s style starts from the knees all the way up to the inner thighs. Knee patch or ¾ seat breeches, on the other hand, are the choice of jumper and hunter riders because while they also feature gripping and contrasting fabrics similar to full seat breeches, only the knee area is outfitted with gripping fabric.

Regardless of the style, however, all breeches are intended to slip inside riding boots when worn, and are available in size zip, fly front or pull on styles. Front zip and side zip breeches feature belt loops, while pull-on breeches feature an elastic waistband or drawstring.

So whether you ride competitively or just for leisure, it’s vital that you always look great and feel comfortable. The perfect pair of breeches will not only look excellent and flatter your figure, but also provide you with the support and freedom that a typical pair of pants can’t.