What to Leave When Moving

Couple Carrying Boxes

Bringing your stuff when moving can help you create a sense of normalcy as you settle down in your new home. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should carry everything with you. In fact, it’s reasonable to do the opposite.

You may feel sentimental about the items you currently have, but many of them are actually not worth relocating to your new place of residence. If you don’t eliminate the unnecessary, many reputable long distance moving companies would attest that you’d only double the hassle and inflate the cost of relocation.

To move light and minimize your bill without compromise your quality of life, leave the following:

Things That Are Worn Out

Broken items shouldn’t have a place in your new place. Toss them out one way or another. If they’re still remediable but out of warranty, sell or give it to a friend. If it’s beyond repair, drop it to the junk or recycling yard to turn your garbage into gold.

Things That You Have Too Many Of

Transporting duplicate items is literally a burden. Regardless of their condition, they’re nothing but deadweight. The best part about leaving them behind is that it won’t hurt since they’re just an excess of what you already have.

Things That You No Longer Use

Do you still have the clothes or shoes you’ve outgrown? Perhaps an old TV you’ve hidden in the attic after you bought a new one? Maybe you have an entire library of dust-ridden books you finished reading a long time ago and are unlikely to revisit? Get rid of them before moving to give your new home more space for the stuff you still use.

Things That You Never Use

As you sort out all of your belongings, you’d be surprised how many items you don’t really use. The fact that you never noticed them in the first place is indicative that you can live without them.

Things That You Are Not Allowed to Bring

Some things are too dangerous to pack and bring on the road. They include flammable, corrosive, explosive, and poisonous household items. If you still have weeks’ worth of groceries in stock, avoid replenishing them as the moving day approaches to keep perishable goods from going bad.

Moving is already taxing, don’t make it worse. Master the art of choosing what and what not to pack to make your life easier.